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Argumentative Essay On Foster Care

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"In Georgia, there were 12,765 children in foster care as of the end of September, with 2,675 of those children from metro Atlanta, according to the Division of Family and Children Services (Mattson, 2016)." This is how many children are within the Foster System just within this state. Drugs are a huge part of the problem for many families, but as a nation something needs to be changed about this statistic. The power is all in the laws that are created by Congress and the states. Foster care needs revamping because it is not benefiting children or families in the current states.
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Since modern time began there has been children being removed from their homes for various situations such as drugs, abuse, neglect, …show more content…
But once a name is in the system it will always be there, flagged depending on the situations that had taken place. For all the children in the system within Florida there are about 10,000 kids at one time within the system. The state has tried to create a system with their money where the specific child is given a set amount of money, which travels in the child's name rather than being given to a foster parent for that child, which is either spent on that child specifically or for the family. This also could be for the overall welfare for the child. “Federal money traditionally had been restricted to children in foster care, but under the state's plan, child welfare dollars follow the child, rather than the placement of the child” (Williams-Mbengue, 2009, para. 8). Similar situations have happened within Georgia but these turned into lawsuits rather than just being handled within the system, after this lawsuit many children began to be placed …show more content…
Every action that is taken or even thought of, should be to make sure these kids are not being left in any situations they cannot get out of. Placing kids in hotels creates another issue of who will stay with them, who else is in that hotel, and are they safe? Laws need to be created to place children in more secure places. Also, there should be law placed in order to help families that are on the verge of having DCS intervene with the family. There is lots of issues also dealing with when should a family being placed with a child be able to know about their past. Some foster parents are saying, “having rights implies that it is up to the person claiming them to choose what to do”(Sterett, 2002, para. 8). This is stating that the state needs to give the information with the child so that if or when they are adopted there is information to give when they have questions. Creating regulations of information from the past then creates more issues of someone's identity, that's what growing up is, if information is withheld from these kids trying to find themselves in this lost system, but as parents along with caseworkers make the statement of “while legal regulation sets a framework for choice, people may not experience what they are doing as choosing”(Sterett, 2002, para. 13). All the choices being made needs to benefit the children in the future. All this traumatic situations that they were put into & then not being able to find out who you

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