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All What They Need Is Love


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Rogelio Villate
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Apri 3rd, 2016

One of the most controversial subjects of our era, same-sex parenting continues to be a reason of debate and discrepancy in several first world countries, even in those where same-sex couples are allowed to get married. It is logical for most people to be reluctant to accept that gay couples can adopt. Experts have demonstrated the importance of the maternal and paternal roles in childhood, which determine the child’s performance in school and their ability to fit in society. Having a completely different family structure could be confusing and ultimately result in irreparable psychological stress for the adopted kid. However, studies show that most arguments against gay and lesbian adopting rights are obsolete and irrationally conservative. There is a constantly increasing number of children that desperately need a loving home because their biological parents cannot rear them, and there are also countless same-sex couples willing to provide those unwanted children with all the love and stability that they deserve. The argument that growing up with gay or lesbian adoptive parents traumatizes children is a myth, and the most recent family studies corroborate this fact.
It is important to first understand why same-sex couples wish to adopt. As opposed to most heterosexual couples-which consider adoption only after trying fertility treatments of all kinds- most homosexual couples see adoption as their first and only choice for parenting. (Jennings et al., 2014) Gay and lesbian couples are generally less attached to the concept of genetic parenthood, and they are more open to adopt children with whom they share no genetic makeup. (Jennings et al., 2014) Altruism, and the desire to raise children that are more tolerant to others, is one common motivation for gay couples that wish to adopt.

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