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Benefit and Drivers Paper Kudler Fine Foods

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Benefit and Drivers Paper Kudler Fine Foods
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Benefit and Drivers Paper Kudler Fine Foods When Kathy Kudler decided that she was not going to continue with the frustration of travel to find fresh gourmet ingredients, she decided to open up shop. Thus, Kudler Fine Foods was created, and grown into three locations. Kathy was passionate about her gourmet cooking and ultimately wanted to share her passion with the San Diego community. Her passion was not left at just quality products. Price point was a large focus for Kathy and her customers. With a huge success of her first store in La Jolla, she was able to move on to the Del Mar market then finishing up with her latest Encinitas store. As we dissect the decision and ultimate issues that Kathy faced opening these stores, we will concentrate on the internal and external drivers of her innovation. We will show-case how innovation, design and creative thinking help cultivate the business know as Kudler Fine Foods.

Internal driver is one key success in creating an innovative organization. Top executives and leaders at Kudler Fine Foods Incorporation must have a vision and a mission statement. Kudler’s management team hires knowledgeable employees in the gourmet foods industry. Management offers their employees educational opportunities for growth in the company. Employees are rewarded with pay bonuses and pay raises as well as food discounts when performing exceptionally. Kudler employees believe the leaders are listening to their ideas. Kudler’s strengths are an all inclusive store with large selection employees demonstrates excellent customer service. Kudler customers are loyal to the company. Customers continue to re-visit the company because of the excellent customer service. Kudler maintains advance systems, which allows the employees to stay up to...

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