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Case Study: I Thought I Gave Them Everything
Case Summary In my analysis of the case of Henry Gonzales the manager of Quality Foods’; I found that the responsibility of Henry would be the process of achieving the objectives of the organization by using its available resources effectively. Evidently Henry has taken advantage of that as he has accomplished his top management position in the store—for his hard work—gaining the once unprofitable store—probability. While Henry thought he gave them everything; However, Henry intrapersonal communication-- has gotten the best of him. Henry doesn’t seem to be conscious and lack communication competency; for the simple fact he offers monetary as oppose to promotion or change, and he is lacking loyalty. Prime example: He emphasis financial rewards for hard work and monetary incentives for cutting company cost and again hard work (increased sales)…I worked in sales and it is hard work (it’s a numbers game and requires hard work and commitment)... If everyone is expected to work hard…..everyone should be entitled to opportunities for advancements, promotions, as well as pay raises and incentives—just as he did.
Theories of Motivation In such a business the manager is responsible for many managerial task; However, as he grows and help the business grow; I would suggest that Henry delegate some of the tasks to the supervisors (giving them a sense of belonging—(promotions—to assistant manager, etc.)); and motivation. As opposed to his intrapersonal feelings and just implementing monetary contributions or incentives (thinking it is sufficient); he might have checked his communication competency. While monetary incentives is a motivating contribution to many employees—as the personal director implied—these particular supervisors was more interested in time with the manager—which could have included—discussing interests, ideas, promotions, etc…which all relates to the managers communication competency. Henry intrapersonal message relates to he was unconscious and thinking one is or will be motivated by monetary contributions alone.

Related Evaluations One of the most important skills of management in an organization is being aware and knowing how, when, and what tasks to delegate to others. Considering delayering—this means stripping out one layer’s of management from the hierarchy in order to reduce costs and to improve the speed of communication flows with the organization as well as provide each employee with more responsibilities; However, delayering can actually over stretch employees by giving them to much work and can therefore, actually have a negative effect on their level of moral and motivation. I think that played a part in Henry’s supervisor’s decision; I think Henry was not only removing the process of the supervisors---that helped earned their status; but he was trying to continue to boost the level of the operational efficiency via his intrapersonal skills and easier reach to the organization overall. While loyalty of the company to employees ranked high for me; salary, as well as-- a sense of belonging—As I relate it to Henry’s case…I don’t think his loyalty was in the best interest of the company for or to the employees/supervisors; For example: He offered monetary incentives to boost morale and motivation—rather than adhering to communicating –maybe via a supervisor meeting-- to get their intrapersonal thoughts, feelings, or wants. Relating to what people really want? A sense of belonging; I think the supervisors were seeking to be transferred and removal from under Henry’s management because they didn’t feel that sense of belonging—for example: “he said why should grown people need a hand-holding”--by him not giving them time with him. After all, they helped him achieve his position (goals). Salary evidently played little or no real major part in their decision because-- had it been…they wouldn’t have requested to be transfer to a lower paying store; for example: When he stated “didn’t they realize they were making more than their counterparts”. While monetary incentives is important and can boost one’s moral and motivation, and the company’s success…interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills and consciousness of them… can be just as important. Practicing, becoming conscious, valuing, and possessing these skills all lead to competency and effective communication.

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