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Me and my 2 sistersAll of the pictures that I have as a baby are in Ecuador. This is because this is where I lived for a majority of my infancy and toddlerhood. I was able to retrieve this picture of me and my sisters two years ago when I visited. The picture on my cover is when I had my Quinceñera in Ecuador 2 years ago. This is when a women in South America or Central America comes to the age of 15 and is introduced to society as a lady. I was able to have my whole family there. | | | Who We AreBrittany Nazareth Jaramillo Webster3014 Greenwood Park CircleAlbemarle, NC 28001Cell- 704-305-8354 | | | | | | | Chapter 1: My roots | By: Brittany Nazareth Jaramillo Webster | |

Brittany: Originally the ancient duchy of Bretagne in France. Celtic Bretons emigrated from France to become the Bretons of England. Birth Date: 09/18/1997Place of Birth: Long Island, NY (Stony Brook University Medical Center)1997President Clinton starts his second term in office on January of 1997 | | | 1997…Microsoft becomes the world’s most valuable company valued at
$261 billionSecond deadliest tornado kits Texas killing 27 people Civil court jury find O.J Simpson guilty In August of 1997, Steve Job returned to Apple, Inc. Macbook in BostonIn March of 1997, scientists cloned Dolly the sheepBritain gave up control of Hong Kong in July of 1997In September of 1997, Mother Teresa died within a week of Princess DianaMore than 120 countries signed a treaty to get rid of land minesIn March of 1997, 39 people were found dead at Rancho Santa Fe, California, in a carefully orchestrated group suicide. The Heaven's Gate cult was made up of Web developers who used their site to recruit new members. They believed that the comet Hale-Bopp was being trailed by a spaceship that would transport them to a higher state of existence when they left their earthly bodies. Leader Marshall Applewhite, known as "Do," and his followers swallowed a lethal mixture of vodka and phenobarbital.In December of 1997, “Carlos the Jackal” is convicted of murder in Paris court | | |
Stony Brook University Medical CenterStories of my infancy and toddlerhoodMy mom says that I was a violent sleeper whenever I was younger. My sisters can also recall times that I would have slept with my mom at night and she would have woken up with a black eye and bruises from me kicking and punching in my sleep.I used to HATE having my nose blown when I was a baby. My sisters would run around the entirety of our three story house just to get my nose blown before Sunday church.When I three I cut my finger open on a bathroom door. I was playing with a kid from my neighborhood and we went inside a house to use the bathroom and afterwards we starting playing and he accidently shut my left hand middle finger inside the hinge. To this day, my finger nail grows slanted. I was the only child that my dad actually witnessed be born. With my other two sisters my dad did not make it to their birth because he was late. When I was born my dad got there right in time to watch and pick out my name. |

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