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Executive Summary
This report will introduce Toyota company of business ethics, in the first part, the report described the definition of business ethics, and then introduced the environmental scanning method and PEST and concretely introduces the Toyota company's ethical dilemma, how to solve this problem, from the Angle of moral evaluation, the whole situation based on different kinds of ethical theory, business ethics from the perspective of moral comprehensive understanding of the problem, and then to carry on the analysis. Making companies in the society, the government, and people’s hearts set up a better image, which is beneficial to the development of the company and have more income. Hope this report from every Angle analysis Toyota company pedal events, brake event. Let the Toyota Company remember the lesson. And effectively solve it.

1.0What is business ethic?
Have a lot about what is the business ethics idea, or is simple; some people think is right or wrong. Essentially, business ethics is the pursuit of truth. Can and should be regarded as for $5 and $5 $10 is equal to the initial level, the simple truth. Therefore, the businessman must provide good quality goods and service, with reasonable price to consumers' normal supply. They must avoid addicted to like adulterate unfair trade practices, promoting misleading advertising, cheating weights and measures, such as the black market, they must give fair wages and their workers provide good working conditions. They must not exploit the workers. They must encourage competition in the market. They have to protect the interests of small traders. They have to avoid unfair competition. They must avoid monopoly. They have to pay all taxes to the government on a regular basis. (Anon., 2012)
1.1The definition of Business Ethic
Business ethics embodies moral standards is a enterprise organization is vital…...