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Case managers have a hard job. They are working with clients, dealing with a great amount of paper work, working with community agencies, and following rules and regulations. When managed care is a part of the equation it is much harder for the case manager due to what is and is not allowed. In this paper I will discuss managed care and how it affects the case manager’s job.
What is Managed Care?
Managed care consists of a variety of structures, processes and strategies designed to monitor, review, and guide processes of care (Mechanic, 1997). There are several types of managed care, the most popular being HMOs and PPOs. Managed care usually provides a network of providers that the client is allowed to see in order for the client to be covered. Managed care usually allows for the client to only obtain health care and services from those within their network. Here in lies the problem for case managers. Depending on the managed care that the client is under, he or she may not be able to utilize the resources that the case manager has provided for the client. It also may be more difficult for the case manager to find resources that are part of the allowed network within a client’s managed care plan. Managed Care in Case Management Managed care has an exceptional part in how mental illness is treated in our country. It can be very difficult for a case manager to find resources for a client with mental illness because the care they need may not be covered. To reduce costs, insurers tend to cut mental health benefits first. Because mental health varies so widely between clients, mental health costs are the most difficult to predict and are therefore very risky for managed care (Mental Health, 2008). Those with mental illnesses can require a great amount of services including medications, counselors, therapists, or even inpatient care. Their managed care...

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