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Unlike the previous Scottish Parliament which was abolished by the Act of Union in 1707, the new Scottish Parliament is not a completely independent body. The Scottish Parliament is quite clearly an inferior body in comparison to the Westminster Parliament. It is the
Westminster Parliament from which the Scottish Parliament derives its authority to pass laws for Scotland. Any legislation of the Scottish Parliament is considered to be secondary legislation not primary legislation. It should also be recalled that a simple Act of the Westminster
Parliament is all that it would take to abolish Scotland’s Parliament. Westminster has already abolished a local assembly or parliament ie the Stormont Parliament or Assembly which made laws for Northern Ireland until its abolition in the 1970s.

scots law has two main areas of law: Civic Law and Criminal Law. These laws are made to protect people and make them feel safe.
Scottish criminal law deals with offences against people and offences against property, for example, murder, rape, parking offences, non-payment of TV licence, and theft. Criminal law also covers public order offences, which include mobbing, and so on
Scottish civic law is focused on non–criminal disputes, such as those related to business, personal relationships, divorce, contracts, debts, etc. [
القانون الاسكتلندي لديه مجالين رئيسيين القانون: القانون المدني والقانون الجنائي. وتتكون هذه القوانين لحماية الناس وجعلهم يشعرون بالأمان.
ويتناول القانون الجنائي الاسكتلندي مع الجرائم ضد الأشخاص والجرائم ضد الممتلكات، على سبيل المثال، والقتل، والاغتصاب، وجرائم قوف السيارات، وعدم دفع رخصة التلفزيون، والسرقة. ويشمل القانون الجنائي أيضا جرائم النظام العام، والتي تشمل المهاجمة، وهلم جرا
ويركز القانون المدني الاسكتلندي في النزاعات غير جنائية، مثل تلك المتعلقة بالأعمال، والعلاقات الشخصية، والطلاق، والعقود، والديون، وما إلى ذلك [ European legislation proposed by institutions of the European Union.
United Kingdom has been membership in the UE science Jan.1.1973. [3] Put in to various Treaties and different legalisation which passed to EU and will concern to Grate Britain and it is general public. EU legalisation is made by laws planned by the European Commission. Commissioner is one from member state. One of commissioner role is to suggest changes or propose new laws. They will describe by the heard new role and terms of law. However, before suggested new laws become actual laws, should be passed through Council of European Union and European Parliament then accepted. EU legalisation is the form of commands or rules .
Example Act
"European Union Act 2011" [4] is about conditions related to the European Union
United Kingdom legislation proposed by the United Kingdom Parliament
( Westminster)
United Kingdom Parliament consists of two "houses" Commons House and Houses of Lords. House of commons is elected by population and House of Lords is appointed as Lords by governments and limited number of hereditary, also be able to create laws on any topic. UK Legislation before become a law both houses are discussed subject they can make changes, refuse or accept. It has to be passed in both houses and be given to Royal Assent.
Examples Act
"Statute Law( Repeals) Act 2013 [5] - An act is recommendation of the Law Commission and the Scottish Law Commission an act is support the change of the statute law by the repeal
The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974
The Sale of Goods Act 1979
Scottish legislation proposed by the Scottish Parliament ( Holyrood)
In 1990’s by the referendum and elections Scotland has built Parliament in Edinburgh. Act 1998 Scottish Parliament has right to make Lawson any subject, but just practical to Scotland and the just on Matters delegated to it by UK Parliament, or example education, planning, health and so on. They cannot legislate on foreign policy, defence, economic policy, employment or laws which conflict with EU Legalisation. Scottish Parliament Legislation made laws by gives details of the suggested law after consider by the part of the Scottish Parliament then accept amend or reject. When passed then confer to Royal Assent and becomes an Act
Examples Act
"Licensing ( Scotland ) Act 2005 [6] – role for sales alcohol
"Tourist Boards (Scotland) Act 2006 [7] - increase members of tourist boards
Explain judicial precedent [8] and it is used in Scots law quoting at least one example
"Judicial precedent is based on case law." [9] Judicial precedent base on a different court while decided case base on identical face of common law.
Judicial Precedent is the method where judicial precedent go after previously resolute law fact, which is very similar.
Begin decision, keep decided, where lower court is demand to apply lawful ideology place by superior course in before cases.
For example, the High Court be required to go after verdict of the Court of Appeal, which necessity follow decision of the House of Lords.
The binding element of a before choice in the ratio decided, it has to be followed by judges in shortly case. No matter what said obiter dictum on the original case id does matter because it was not harshly belong to the matter in problem.
In case where there are laws with different precedent levels the one with higher precedence becomes the most important although the might be laws with greater precedents. For example Airedale NHS Trust v Bland (1993).
Explain Institutional writing and it is role in Scots law
Industrial writers are Stair, Craig, Erskine, Hume, Bell and Bankton is a closed group of legal experts, they wrote during 17th to early 19th century. They were published works on their area, they published became authoritative statements of the law in those part of laws, because of them experience and skill in this area. However, Industrial Writing is formal recording of court decision and their opinions. Institutional writing is using in Scot law for this day and it is main source of Scot law although nobody has enough experience and skills to change and publish again this part of laws.
Explain custom and it is role in Scots law.
Custom at the present hardly ever a basis of fresh law
Custom is way which has been extended and again and again documented and so has acquire the power of law. Along with judicial precedent, institutional writings and equity these make up what is recognized as a group as common law. An example would be the legal rights of widows and children when a husband dies without leaving a will.
التشريعات الأوروبية التي اقترحتها مؤسسات الاتحاد الأوروبي.

لقد المملكة المتحدة عضوا في Jan.1.1973 العلوم UE. [3] وضعت في لمختلف المعاهدات وتقنين مختلفة التي مرت إلى الاتحاد الأوروبي وسوف تشغل لصر بريطانيا ومن عامة الناس. يتم تقنين الاتحاد الأوروبي بموجب القوانين المقررة من قبل اللجنة الأوروبية. مفوض هي واحدة من الدول الأعضاء. واحدة من دور المفوض هو اقتراح تغييرات أو اقتراح قوانين جديدة. وسيصفون من دور وشروط القانون الجديد سمعت. ومع ذلك، قبل اقترحت قوانين جديدة تصبح القوانين الفعلية، ينبغي أن تنتقل من خلال مجلس الاتحاد الأوروبي والبرلمان الأوروبي قبلت ذلك الحين. تقنين الاتحاد الأوروبي هو شكل أوامر أو قواعد.

قانون المثال

"قانون الاتحاد الأوروبي عام 2011" [4] هو حول الشروط المتعلقة الاتحاد الأوروبي

تشريعات المملكة المتحدة التي اقترحها برلمان المملكة المتحدة


يتكون برلمان المملكة المتحدة اثنين من "منازل" العموم النواب ومجلسي اللوردات. يتم انتخاب مجلس العموم من حيث عدد السكان ويعين مجلس اللوردات كما ورد من قبل الحكومات وعدد محدود من وراثي، أيضا أن تكون قادرة على خلق القوانين على أي موضوع. التشريع المملكة المتحدة قبل أن تصبح قانونا وتناقش مجلسي موضوع يمكنهم إجراء تغييرات، رفض أو قبول. لديها لتمريرها في مجلسي وأن تعطى الموافقة الملكية.

قانون أمثلة

"القانون الأساسي (الإبطالات) قانون 2013 [5] - فعل هو توصية لجنة القانون ولجنة القانون الاسكتلندي فعل هو دعم التغيير من القانون الأساسي التي كتبها إلغاء

الصحة والسلامة في العمل 1974

بيع البضائع قانون 1979

التشريع الاسكتلندي الذي اقترحه البرلمان الاسكتلندي (هوليرود)

في عام 1990 عن طريق الاستفتاء والانتخابات وقد بنيت اسكتلندا البرلمان في ادنبره. قانون 1998 البرلمان الاسكتلندي لديه الحق في جعل لوسون أي موضوع، ولكن فقط عملي لاسكتلندا وفقط على المسائل الموكولة إليها من قبل برلمان المملكة المتحدة، أو التعليم مثلا، والتخطيط، والصحة، وهلم جرا. أنهم لا يستطيعون تشريع في مجال السياسة الخارجية والدفاع والسياسة الاقتصادية، والعمل أو القوانين التي تتعارض مع الاتحاد الأوروبي التقنين. جعل التشريع البرلمان الاسكتلندي القوانين التي تعطي تفاصيل القانون المقترح بعد النظر من قبل جزء من البرلمان الاسكتلندي ثم قبول تعديل أو رفض. عندما مرت بعد ذلك يضفي على الموافقة الملكية ويصبح قانون

قانون أمثلة

"الترخيص (اسكتلندا) لعام 2005 [6] - دور لمبيعات الكحول

"المجالس السياحية (اسكتلندا) لعام 2006 [7] - زيادة أعضاء مجالس السياحية

شرح سابقة قضائية [8] ويتم استخدامه في القانون الاسكتلندي نقلا عن مثال واحد على الأقل

"ويستند سابقة قضائية على السوابق القضائية." [9] القضائية قاعدة سابقة على ملعب مختلفة في حين قررت قاعدة الحالة على وجه مطابق للقانون المشترك.

سابقة قضائية هي الطريقة التي سابقة قضائية تذهب بعد الحازم سابقا حقيقة القانون، التي هي مشابهة جدا.

تبدأ القرار، والحفاظ على قررت، حيث المحكمة الابتدائية هي مطلب تطبيق المكان أيديولوجية قانونى من دورة عليا في قبل الحالات.

على سبيل المثال، أن يطلب من المحكمة العليا أن يذهب بعد حكم محكمة الاستئناف، الذي بضرورة متابعة قرار مجلس اللوردات.

العنصر الملزم للاختيار من قبل في نسبة قرر، لا بد من اتباعها من قبل القضاة في القضية قريبا. بغض النظر عن ما قاله obiter القول المأثور على القضية الهوية الأصلية لا يهم لأنه لا ينتمي بقسوة إلى هذه المسألة في المشكلة.

في الحالة التي يكون فيها هناك قوانين ذات مستويات مختلفة سابقة واحدة مع ارتفاع الأسبقية يصبح أهم الرغم من أن قد تكون القوانين مع سوابق أكبر. على سبيل المثال كلب الصيد NHS الثقة ضد بلاند (1993).

شرح كتابة المؤسسية، ومن دور في القانون الاسكتلندي

الكتاب الصناعية هي ستاير، كريغ، أرسكين، هيوم، بل وBankton هو مجموعة مغلقة من الخبراء القانونيين، وكتب خلال 17 إلى أوائل القرن ال19. تم نشرها يعمل على منطقتهم، التي نشرت أصبح البيانات الموثوقة القانون في تلك جزءا من القوانين، لأن منهم الخبرة والمهارة في هذا المجال. ومع ذلك، الكتابة الصناعية هي تسجيل رسمي لقرار المحكمة وآرائهم. كتابة المؤسسية يستخدم في القانون الاسكتلندي لهذا اليوم وهذا هو المصدر الرئيسي للقانون الاسكتلندي على الرغم من أن لا أحد لديه الخبرة والمهارات الكافية لتغيير ونشر مرة أخرى هذا الجزء من القوانين.

شرح العرف وأنها دورا في القانون الاسكتلندي.

العرف في الوقت الحاضر نادرا أساس قانون جديد

العرف هو الطريق الذي تم تمديده وثقت مرارا وتكرارا، ولها حتى يكتسب قوة القانون. جنبا إلى جنب مع سابقة قضائية، كتابات المؤسسية والإنصاف هذه يشكلون ما يتم التعرف على مجموعة كقانون المشترك. على سبيل المثال سيكون الحقوق القانونية للأرامل والأطفال عندما يموت زوجها دون أن يترك وصية.
Bills may start their passage in either the House of Commons or House of Lords, although bills which are mainly or entirely financial will start in the Commons. Each bill passes through the following stages:
Pre-legislative Scrutiny: Joint committee of both houses review bill and vote on amendments that government can accept or reject. Reports are influential in later stages as rejected committee recommendations are revived to be voted on.
First Reading: No vote occurs. Bill is presented, printed, and in private members' bills, a Second Reading date is set.
Second Reading: A debate on the general principles of the bill is followed by a vote.
Committee Stage: A committee considers each clause of the bill, and may make amendments.
Report Stage: An opportunity to amend the bill. The House consider clauses to which amendments have been tabled.
Third Reading: A debate on final text as amended.
فواتير قد تبدأ مرورهم سواء في مجلس العموم أو مجلس اللوردات، على الرغم من أن الفواتير التي هي أساسا أو كليا المالية ستبدأ في مجلس العموم. كل مشروع قانون يمر عبر المراحل التالية:

الفحص ما قبل التشريعي: لجنة مشتركة من مجلسي النواب مشروع قانون مراجعة والتصويت على التعديلات التي يمكن للحكومة أن قبول أو رفض. تقارير مؤثرة في مراحل لاحقة حيث يتم إحياء توصيات اللجنة رفضت أن يتم التصويت عليه.

عدد 1 (الأخضر الداكن) .pngFirst القراءة: يحدث لا يوجد تصويت. ويقدم مشروع القانون، وطبع، وفواتير أعضاء من القطاع الخاص، وتحديد موعد القراءة الثانية.

عدد 2 (الأخضر الداكن) .pngSecond القراءة: ويلي ذلك مناقشة حول المبادئ العامة للقانون عن طريق التصويت.

لجنة المرحلة: تعتبر لجنة كل بند من بنود مشروع القانون، ويمكن أن تجعل التعديلات.

تقرير المرحلة: فرصة لتعديل مشروع القانون. البيت النظر في بنود التي تم طرح التعديلات.

عدد 3 (الأخضر الداكن) .pngThird القراءة: A النقاش حول النص النهائي بصيغته المعدلة.

Public Bills are introduced in either House and go through a number of set stages that generally involve Members of both Houses examining the Bill.
Bills that are largely financial, or involve the public's money - like new taxes or public spending - are always introduced in the Commons.

Hybrid Bills mix the characteristics of Public and Private Bills. The changes to the law proposed by a Hybrid Bill would affect the general public but would also have a significant impact for specific individuals or groups. The Bill passed concerning the construction of the Channel Tunnel was an example of a Hybrid Bill.

A private bill is a proposal for a law that would apply to a particular individual or group of individuals, or corporate entity. This is unlike public bills which apply to everyone within their jurisdiction. Private law can afford relief from another law, grant a unique benefit or powers not available under the general law, or relieve someone from legal responsibility for some allegedly wrongful act.

يتم تقديم مشاريع القوانين العامة سواء في البيت وتذهب من خلال عدد من مجموعة المراحل التي تنطوي عادة أعضاء المجلسين دراسة مشروع القانون.
وقدم دائما في مجلس العموم - مشاريع القوانين التي هي إلى حد كبير المالية، أو تنطوي على الأموال العامة - مثل فرض ضرائب جديدة أو الإنفاق العام.

فواتير الهجين مزيج خصائص فواتير الخاصة والعامة. ان تغييرات على قانون اقترحه أحد بيل الهجين تؤثر على عامة الناس ولكن أيضا أن يكون لها تأثير كبير على الأفراد أو مجموعات. المصادقة على مشروع القانون المتعلق بناء نفق بحر المانش كان مثالا لبيل الهجين.

وهناك مشروع قانون خاص هو اقتراح القانون الذي ينطبق على فرد معين أو مجموعة من الأفراد، أو شخصا اعتباريا. وهذا بخلاف مشاريع القوانين العامة التي تنطبق على شخص خاضع لولايتها. يمكن أن القانون الخاص تحمل الإغاثة من قانون آخر، منح فائدة فريدة أو القوى غير متوفرة بموجب القانون العام، أو تعفي أي شخص من المسؤولية القانونية عن بعض الفعل زعم غير مشروع.

1)The House of Lords is made up of people who have inherited family titles and those who have been given titles because of their outstanding work in one field or another. There are 675 members of the Lords. the main job of the House of Lords is to 'double check' new laws to make sure they are fair and will work.

2)The House of Commons
The House of Commons The House of Commons has 659 members who have been elected by local residents to represent an area of the country in Parliament. The members are called MPs (Members of Parliament). Each MP represents one of 659 constituencies (areas) in the UK and is a member of a political party, such as New Labour or the Conservative party.
The Commons is the most important place for discussing policies and making laws.

ويتكون مجلس اللوردات حتى من الناس الذين ورثوا عناوين الأسرة وأولئك الذين منحوا الألقاب بسبب عملهم المتميز في حقل واحد أو آخر. هناك 675 أعضاء في مجلس اللوردات.
المهمة الرئيسية للمجلس اللوردات هو "الاختيار المزدوج" القوانين الجديدة للتأكد من أنها عادلة وسوف يعمل.

مجلس العموم
مجلس العموم ومجلس العموم لديها 659 الأعضاء الذين تم انتخابهم من قبل السكان المحليين لتمثيل منطقة من البلاد في البرلمان. ودعا أعضاء البرلمان (أعضاء البرلمان). كل MP يمثل واحدا من 659 دائرة انتخابية (مناطق) في المملكة المتحدة وعضو في حزب سياسي، مثل حزب العمال الجديد أو حزب المحافظين.
على العموم هو المكان الأكثر أهمية لمناقشة السياسات وصنع القوانين.

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Outcome 1 Alphabet Games show how the industry that Alphabet Games deals in has changed and continues to do so. I need to show how these changes have taken effect using the P.E.S.T Analysis and S.W.O.T Analysis, I also need to provide a set of guidelines to the company on how to use a S.W.O.T Analysis so that they can continue to monitor their needs etc. P-Political Political views and guidelines have changed the way most companies work these days. Alphabet Games works within an area of business that is constantly changing in the world of politics. The Government has set out new rules for game makers to ensure maximum safety for games, particularly online games, these are the type of games that other people can contact you in real time, either via text, voice or video calling and it’s important to help users particularly young users to stay safe. Games sold within the British Market now must hold the PEGI age rating clearly displayed on the case of the game. This is again to ensure safety, that gamers are playing age appropriate games and that the younger ones are not subjected to scenes of violence, sexual imagery or language deemed as profanity. These rules were brought into place after long and constructive studies proved that younger gamers are easily influenced by computer games especially the more popular ones, there have been cases in the past where individuals have mimicked the physical and sexual violence seen in these types of games, blaming the games for their behaviour.......

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Business Culture and Strategy "Alphabet Case Study"

...| Business | Business Culture and Strategy Report | | Business | Business Culture and Strategy Report | HND 2 bUSINESS 15 May 2015 Authored by: Renata Król HND 2 Business INTRODUCTION This report has been prepared to meet requirements of Business and Culture Strategy Unit, F7J7 35. The aim of the report is to present consolidated knowledge regarding business strategy and influence of business culture on strategy within organization which operates in very dynamic and fast changing environment of global business world. The application of theories and analyses has been based on case study provided by lecturer, namely “Alphabet Games” software and games development company, based in Scotland and formed in 2001. The report has been developed in following areas: * Analyses and findings of how PEST forces impact on AG change and SWOT analyse to illustrate relationship of AG with external environment. * Importance of organisational culture and its impact on managerial approach, organisational culture and behaviour and overall business strategy of AD. * Analyse of the process, impact and benefits of use different business strategies by AD. * Analyse ,role, and impact of management for process of business change and methods of implementing the change, including technics of overcoming potential resistance The analyses and findings of above sections should clearly explain the......

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Teaching a Ba by to Read

...Everything you need to know about TEACHING YOUR BABY TO READ by Madeleine Fitzpatrick MA, Cantab brillkids ™ © 2010 BrillKids Inc. All rights reserved. Visit to learn more! CONTENTS FOREWORD..................................................................................... i Chapter 1: INTRODUCTION................................................... 1 I don’t believe it!.................................................................. 1 Why teach babies to read?.................................................. 1 Shouldn’t I teach the alphabet first?..................................... 2 What if my baby doesn’t enjoy reading?............................... 2 What are the learning methods for babies?.......................... 2 Chapter 2: WHY TEACH READING EARLY?........................... 3 Babies are linguistic geniuses.............................................. 4 Isn’t learning to read supposed to be difficult?..................... 5 From speaking to reading … a giant leap?........................... 6 Reading’s place in history.................................................... 7 The promise of early reading................................................ 8 Early reading can prevent dyslexia....................................... 9 Chapter 3: WHOLE LANGUAGE VS PHONICS...................... 12 Why teach whole language?................................................ 13 Why teach phonics?.................................

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Jejemon Fever

... Jejemon History: How It All Began Several years ago, a lot of the youth joined text messaging clans while others played online MMORPG games like Ragnarok, Flyff, and Gunbound. Some, with the urge to find and get to know people of all ages online, joined in social networks like Friendster and Multiply. At that time, Friendster was in while Facebook was not what it turned out to be at present. Due to the necessity of having to relay a message abruptly so as not to be delayed in action (while playing, texting or commenting), they tried to make messages they type really short to an extent that every word was internally altered using numbers to creatively displace letters that would still make the words readable. Of course, Jejemonism was not that intense and obvious at that time. It took a longer time before the more educated ones realized that something's not right and one thing has to be done - to abide by what is being conventionally dictated by society. At that moment, many of the younger generation became adapted to this kind of typing style for they really thought that it was somehow cool, manageable and widely accepted within their age range. It was the new hip at that time, but as it grew out of nowhere, concerned academic people took this as a threat to the educational standards. In time, Jejemonism became the latest source of boiling social debates. As time propelled and confusion arose,......

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How Media Effect Children

...fallacies through television and video games. While media programs have a negative effect on children, there are some positive programs. The largest amounts of violence are found in children shows. Children between the age of 2 and 18 spends 6 hours and 32 minutes on an average a day using media with the exception of sleeping this is more than they spend on any other activity. When multiple media is stimulated, this time is increased to 8 hours a day. Big parts of media exposure are violent acts that are also witnessed in video games. On an average, a young child will have viewed 200,000 acts of violence on television (TV). Exposure to violent media wrecks havoc on thoughts, feeling, and most importantly, behavior. “The Influence of Media Violence on Youth,” a report appearing in the December 2003 edition of “Psychological Science in the Public Interest,” points to strong evidence points to the exposure to media violence causes boost in physically and verbally aggressive behavior in children. “Extensive research evidence indicates that media violence can contribute to aggressive behavior, desensitization to violence, nightmares, and fear of being harmed,” according to the AAP. A negative effect of physiological desensitization is that a person can become less helpful to a person in need because they are numb to the pain and suffering of others. This comes from watching too much pain and gore in the media. Studies of more than a 1000 confirm that boys......

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...Tutorial for Preschoolers (Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, Colors and Animals) SERVDAD, REYCHELLE A. CRUZ, MARY JOY B. RAMIREZ, CHERRY A. A project submitted to the Mr. Ronel E. Asas of the Department of Computer Studies, Imus Campus, Cavite State University, Imus, Cavite in partial fulfillment of the final requirements for the subject ITEC55- System Analysis and Design. INTRODUCTION Preschool is a time for developing good learning habits and positive self-esteem. The skills learned at this stage may seem simple but it will set a preschooler for a lifetime of learning. People around them must be aware that they are still trying to figure out the world and everyone must understand them for being distracted and unfocussed with their tutorials. The tutorial is designed to provide opportunities for users to learn essential information. (Meade,2011) Learning from preschool software can start as soon as children can effectively handle a mouse. Usually, around three or four years of age, preschoolers can readily spend up to a half an hour per day on the computer. Children like the independence and stimulation of interacting with computerize activities. If they are able to use a mouse, that was an indication that they are ready to get started. While using a computerize tutorial, children would not just sit and watch; they will laugh, learn, participate and explore. Parents will see smiles and hear giggles. It is an indication that their children are having fun and when......

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The Evolution of Video Game Technology

...Predictions for future gaming experiences were based on the increasing rate of technological developments and current prospects of videogame tycoons such as Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Personal knowledge and speculation were included as well. This study demonstrated that as videogame technology grew more sophisticated, gamers found themselves in more personal, immersive, emotionally titillating, morally challenging, and free-ended worlds. The increase in processing power and available memory led to photorealistic visuals, longer storylines, broader gameplay, and socially interactive games that have become second nature to most teenagers today. This second life will only become more influential in our physical and mental states as the scope of modern gaming increases, and new technologies provide for a longer, more poignant, and more immersive gaming experience. Technology, the “practical application of knowledge,” dates back millennia. Even pre-historic man used rock, wood, fur, and fire to better his existence. Then, as Neanderthals gave way to Homo sapiens and the first civilizations appeared, technology blossomed. The Sumerians, Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Chinese, Romans, Aztecs, and others created the abacus, alphabets, bridges, mills, hydroponics, aqueducts, and more. With these new technologies, humans’ lives changed dramatically. The pulley and counterweight, for...

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Google vs.Baidu

...Google, according to estimates of total Global market share is a leading search engine company with its highest 86% of market share, but looking in a smaller perspective, Google, have another regional biggest competitor in Russia – Yandex. Yandex is an internet technology company that operates in Russia and Turkey. It is the largest Russian and fifth-largest world internet search engine. As of December 2011, Yandex had 60.9% of the Russian search market. Yandex mission is to give the answer to the user anytime and anywhere. Company, similar to Google provides its services for desktop and mobile users and develops embedded solutions as well. The company specializes on highly-targeted sophisticated web search and information retrieval services. Yandex provides localized services for its users, as well as enables them to search for websites in other languages. In addition to web search the company offers dozens of free online services, granting access to extensive local, national and international information. The services include maps; traffic jams information; photo hosting; news service; blog search; spam-free email and many others. Yandex is the second after Google technology debut, whose stock has risen as much as 68 per cent since it was listed on Nasdaq in 2011. According to financial times, Yandex has earnings multiple of about 85 times net income, higher than Google`s, at 19 times earnings, and almost matching that of Baidu, China’s top search site, at 87 times......

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National Early Literacy Panel

...abilities of young children (birth through 5 years or kindergarten) that predict later reading, writing, or spelling outcomes? 2. Which instructional approaches or procedures contribute to gains in children’s skills and abilities that are linked to later outcomes in reading, writing, or spelling? 3. What environments and settings are related to improvements in children’s skills and abilities that are linked to later literacy outcomes? 4. What child characteristics are related to gains in children’s skills and abilities that are linked to later literacy outcomes? To set the foundations for their study, the researchers looked at different measurements of pre-reading skills and identified six domains of early literacy that can serve as valid indicators of later reading skills. * Knowing the names and sounds associated with printed letters (known as "alphabet awareness") * Ability to detect and manipulate the auditory aspects of spoken language ("phonological awareness") * Rapid...

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Motorola, Inc. name. The name Motorola is a combination of “motor for motor car and ola’, implies sound, according to our case study. The first Motorola car radio was introduced by Galvin Manufacturing in 1930, the Motorola Police Cruiser radio in 1936 and in 1937 the home radio. By the end of 1937 B.F. Goodrich partnered with Galvin Manufacturing to become the first national Motorola dealer. In 1940 Galvin Manufacturing products include Handle-Talkie used by the military in World War II. Motorola once controlled the United States market for wireless communication devices such as cellular telephones, pagers and high frequency radios. Motorola continues with sales, services and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and international markets. The salient opportunities are Motorola’s various products that are strategically placed in each market. Motorola partnered with other companies such as Cisco Systems, Inc. to expand operations in the United Kingdom and with BT Cellnet by producing the world’s finest commercial General Park Radio Service (GPRS). Motorola introduced the wireless cable modem that allowed computer networking. The RAZR was also introduced which was a huge success and held 16 percent share of the cell phone market until 2007. Motorola introduced the MING touch screen smart phone that featured advanced handwriting software and the Chinese alphabet that targeted the Asian market. The external threat is Motorola Competitors are more dominant in the......

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