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Dyslexia Basic

Dyslexia is a language learning disability. The earliest clues mostly spoke language. The very first clue to a language and reading problem may be delayed language. Once the child being to speak there’s different ways to see if the child has learning problems and difficulties with rhyming, phonemic awareness and ability to read common one syllable words. The cause of dyslexia it’s not clear but anatomical and brain and studies show differences in the dyslexic person functions. It has found that people with dyslexia has more problems with identifying the separate speech sound within a word. Studies indicate that almost half of the students with special education are classified as having learning disability. Dyslexia can occurs in all backgrounds and intellectual levels. Parents with dyslexia are most likely to have children whit dyslexia. People with dyslexia can also have problems with spoken language even after they have been exposed to good language models.
They may find it difficult to express them clearly, or to fully comprehend what others mean when they speak. Kids with dyslexia think that they are dumb and they don’t have the capacity to learn like the others kids, but they have the same capacity to do things maybe not the same thing but a different thing they are perfect. Today in day school has a new program called Response to Intervention to identity if children with learning problems. When teaches see that the kid its not learning like the other kids its good to find if the kid has learning problems. Some of the sing of Dyslexia are learning to speak, Learning letters and there sound, Spelling, Reading quick enough to comprehend and correctly doing math operation. Not all students have difficulties with they skills are dyslexia. There are three types of dyslexia Primary Dyslexia, Developmental Dyslexia and Trauma Dyslexia. That’s…...