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Multicultural Counseling: Children and Adolescsents in Context
First Reaction Paper
Benley Thompson
21Jerome St. Medford, Ma.

The first class brought back to me one of the fears I always had but had not expected to meet so disastrously. During the first week of my internship, I was appointed to take on a case of individual counseling. The case was unique in that the client was an Asian woman from Singapore. She was here as a student but was also married to a scientist from Singapore who also here. The two were acquaintances from earlier in life, and had been allowed to marry. From reports the client was of a high social standing in Singapore.
An Asian female in her early thirties, the client first reported to me that she had no ambition. She tells me this after she reveals her history of accomplishment that included a Master level education in Singapore and an enrollment at Leslie while here in Mass. She tells me that she formerly worked for the Police Department in Singapore in a high level civil capacity. She further revealed that she considered herself a professional student who viewed accomplishment as part of who she was. In other words feeling useless was to her anthemia to all of her upbringing. Her family she told me thrived on achievement. It was the clients’ reason enough to contemplate suicide. She told me that she had attempted suicide twice both times by pills that did not kill, once with a fist full of Tylenol and the second time with another drug also not lethal.