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Interracial Relationships:
An Annotated Bibliography

Danielle Harris
English 101
De Haas
April 9, 2009

Interracial couples or relationships have been around for longer then what we would think. The question is not of how it has come about but more so why is it highly not accepted by many people. Some people seem to turn their heads or look down on someone’s relationship if they are dating someone that is not the same skin complexion of them or basically the same race. The Annotated Bibliography following discusses some article where authors have made their opinions as to why this is such a sensitive topic for some. Whereas this topic may not be as important as the cure for cancer it is still important in that our beliefs can enslave our minds to doing very wrongful acts.

Interracial Relationships:
An Annotated Bibliography

DePass, D. (2006, June). Looking for Mr. White. Essence, 37(2), 174-177. Retrieved April 2, 2009, from Academic Search Premier Database.
“Looking for Mr. White” is based around the way people have viewed the subject of interracial relationships in the past to the way we view interracial relationships in the present day. The article “Looking for Mr. White” discusses the reactions that are often shown by people when they see or hear about an interracial couple. The article sheds light into the past and how interracial relationships were rarely if at all accepted to being similar to a fashion trend into today’s society. The article says that some individuals still have a huge problem with interracial relationships the percentage of interracial couples have grown and is highly accepted today by some but not many. The main purpose of this article is to show how interracial relationships have grown over the decades. The author points out the fact that we as people hold a double standard when it comes to

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