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Database Management System


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...Database Management System Basith Shaik Southern New Hampshire University September 7, 2015 Abstract The intent of this paper is to design and propose a database management system solution to Grandfield College for tracking software installed. I have analyzed the organizational issues and needs and developed conceptual, logical, and physical designs of DBMS solution. In order to implement the solution, substantial research had been done on best practices in design, available products, and the legal and ethical standards to which we must adhere during design. This paper includes Business rules, Conceptual, Logical, and Physical database designs, Recommendations on best DBMS required for Grandfield College, Data model, Legal Compliance, Ethical Practices, Security Needs and Security Plan Keywords: Grandfield College, Database Design, Recommendations, Business Rules, Data model, Security Plan Database Management System Grandfield College is in need of Database Management System as law requires that any business, including a school, track its software. It is important to know what software the school owns, in what versions, and what the license agreement for that software is. For this purpose I have developed a Software Tracking database for Grandfield College. Problem Grandfield College is in need of a database for effectively tracking faculty and staff computers, the software installed on those systems, User access to each computer, and requests for new software installation...

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...​A database management system (DBMS) “creates, reads, updates, and deletes data in a database while controlling access and security” (Baltzan, 2015, p.92). The database management system that I have decided to write about is MySQL. SQL stands for structured query language which “asks users to write lines of code to answer questions against a database” (Baltzan, 2015, p.92). The company that makes and distributes the system is Oracle Corporation. ​Oracle Corporation is a worldwide computer technology corporation that was founded on July 16, 1977 in Santa Clara, California by Larry Ellison, Bob Miner, and Ed Oates. The headquarters are located in Redwood City, California and focuses on increasing and selling computer hardware systems and enterprise software products but mostly its own brands of database management systems. Oracle also builds tools for database development and systems of middle-tier software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and supply chain management (SCM) software. ​In this article “DBA and Developer Guide to MySQL 5.6”, talks about the new development of MySQL on how it is much better and that it has improved and just explaining more about its improvement. It has better performance and scalability, better application availability with online DDL/Schema, and better developer agility with NoSQL Access with Memcached API to InnoDB. It has improved in replication for high performance, self-healing,...

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...Fundamentals of Database Management Systems What is a Database? Database is a collection of data. Mostly the data in the database specially focus on a one organization and have relationship among them. Earlier times those databases were file base databases and not computerized .While using those file base databases many errors occurred and there were many Disadvantages. Nowadays Databases are computerized. What is a Database Management System? (DBMS) DBMS is a Software Designed to assist in maintaining and utilizing a database. References Wikipedia. (2015) Database [Online] June 2005. Available from: [Accessed: 19th June 2015] Evolution of Database Management System In earlier time computers mainly...

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...-1 1. List four significant differences between a file-processing system and a DBMS. * A database management system coordinates both the physical and the logical access to the data, whereas a file-processing system coordinates only the physical access. * A database management system reduces the amount of data duplication by ensuring that a physical piece of data is available to all programs authorized to have access to it, whereas data written by one program in a file-processing system may not be readable by another program. * A database management system is designed to allow flexible access to data, whereas a file-processing system is designed to allow predetermined access to data. * A database management system is designed to coordinate multiple users accessing the same data at the same time. A file-processing system is usually designed to allow one or more programs to access different data files at the same time. 2. Explain the concept of physical data independence, and its importance in database systems. The ability to modify a schema definition in one level without affecting a schema definition in the next higher level is called Data Independence. The ability to modify the physical schema without causing application programs to be rewritten or without changing the logical schema is called physical data independence. Importance of data independence in database systems: * Improve performance * Change in data structure do not require...

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