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Development of science and technology and its effects on human beings.
Akshay Aswani
Southern State University

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Akshay Aswani, student of composition and rhetoric class, Southern States University
Akshay Aswani is a student of Bachelors of Business Administration in Southern States University Correspondence concerning this essay should be addressed to Akshay Aswani Composition and rhetoric, Southern States University. Fashion Valley. 123 Camino De la Reina Suite 100 East San Diego, CA 92108

This paper reveals the Development of science and technology in various sectors and its effects on human beings. Major development in transportation was airways which reduced the travelling time to an extensive level. In communication sector, Mobile phone reduced the distance and turned the world in globalized village. In medical field, treatment of dangerous diseases like Cancer and tuberculosis has been invented. In this essay comparison is done between present and past due to development of technology. In which way science and technology has made the life of human being luxurious and easy. Which has resulted in saving lots of time of human beings and performing the difficult task in a lucid way. Various examples are given in the essay which clarifies the advantages and disadvantages received by human being due to development of technology. Moreover in the end my opinion towards the topic is given

Keywords: Development, extensive, luxurious, lucid,

Development of science and technology , its effects on human beings.
Technology is developing by leaps and bounds. 19th and 20th centuries were marked as major centuries for development of science and technology. These developments encompassed many different fields like transportation, communication, education,…...

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