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Effects of Climate Change on the Economic Development of Viet Nam

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Literature Review 3
I. General 3
1. Geographical location & Vietnam’s climate 3
a. Geographical location 3
b. Climate 3
2. Effects of geographical & climate on Vietnam’s economy: 6
a. Effects of geographical location to Vietnam’s economy: 6
II. Definition, causes and actual situation of Viet Nam under climate change 7
1. Definition of climate change 8
2. Causes of climate change: 8
a. Natural causes 8
b. Human causes 9
c. Greenhouse gases and their sources 9
3. Actual situation in Vietnam: 12
III. Impact of Climate change on Viet Nam economy 14
1. Impact of Climate change on economy in general: 14
2. Climate change directly affects every economic sector 15
a. Impacts of climate change on agriculture, forestry and fisheries 15
b. Impact of climate change on industry sector 20
c. .Impacts of climate change on tourism sector 20
d. Impacts of climate change in components of the economy. 22
IV. Policies to deal with problems caused by climate change 26
1. Opportunities 26
2. Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change 26
The Three Approaches in Brief: 27
References 35

Literature Review
There are many studies that have examined the effects of climate change on Vietnam’s economy. The majority of findings stated that climate change have negative impacts on Vietnam’s economy and suggest possible adaptation or mitigation measures to lessen the adverse impacts. The economies of some countries are more vulnerable to climate change than the global average, according to a report by World Bank (2009), Vietnam is one of the five countries predicted to be among the most affected by climate change due to its long coastlines. According to Tran Duc Vien in Climate change and its impact on agriculture in Vietnam, it is believed that climate change is going to have huge impact on people’s…...

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