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Emergency Plan

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Emergency Preparedness Planning

Version 3, October 2006

Table of Content Foreword 4 Part 1 - Introduction to Emergency Preparedness Planning 5 CARE Approach to Emergency Preparedness 5 Measurement of Preparedness 6 Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Planning 6 Emergency Preparedness Planning Steps 8 Writing and Distributing the Plan 8 Monitoring and Updating the Plan 8 Part II – The Written Plan 10 Executive Summary 10 1. Formation of Emergency Response Team 10 2. Information Collection 11 3. Country Office Capacity Inventory 12 3.1. Country Office Organization Chart 13 3.2. Country Office Human Resources 13 3.3. Country Office Physical Resources 13 3.4. Country Office Key Staff Contact Information 13 3.5. RMU, CARE Lead Member, and CARE International Key Contacts 13 3.6. In Country Coordination Mechanisms and Contacts 13 4. Risk Analysis 13 5. Scenario Development 15 5.1. Scenario 1 16 5.1.1. Scenario Description 16 5.1.2. Impact Analysis 16 5.1.3. Identification of Risk Reduction Measures 17 5.1.4. CARE Prevention and Mitigation Measures 19 5.1.5. CARE Response Strategy 19 Criteria for Engagement 20 Partnership Analysis 20 Geographical Focus 21 Objectives of CARE Interventions 21 Trigger Indicators 21 Key Interventions/Actions 22 Entry and Exit/Transition Strategy 24 5.1.6. Local Considerations 24 5.1.7. Programming Considerations 24 CARE International Emergency Strategy 25 Rights Based Approach 26 CARE International Programming Principles 26 Gender 27 HIV and AIDS 28 Other Marginalized Groups 28 Protection 29 Civil Military Relationship 29 Conflict Assessment 30

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