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The Effects of Mass Media on Adolescents
Kelsey Wyatt
Western Governors University

This Paper contents reviews of several studies conducted on the effects of mass media on children and adolescents. Most of the research suggests that over exposure and unsupervised use of mass media outlets can alter the psychological development of children, as well as create anxieties in adolescents. All of the researched reviewed examines the effects of all media other than book content.

Research has shown that consuming too much mass media at a young age can alter the social and psychological structure of adolescents. Mass media can even desensitize youth to unhealthy behavior and effect their education. One of the more noticeable changes in the 21st century has been the growing media consumption, availability and influence. A major consequence of this growing influence is the negative effect it can have on a children’s well-being. Parents no longer have to worry about the influence of “bad” friends but the “virtual” bad influence readily at the fingertips of their children. According to the U.S. census over 80% of adolescents own at least one form of media technology (Comer 2008). The use of this technology is increasing every year with text messages and social networking being an easy access to both youths and adults. A survey was conducted in 2010 by the Kaiser Family Foundation on daily media usage. The survey found that children 8 to 18 logged an average of 6 hour media usage per day. In fact the total media usage for most of the children surveyed exceeded time spent on any other activity. The only exception found was the time they spent on sleep. (Ray 2010) Some of the effects of mass media have been found to be potentially harmful in influencing the behaviors of children and adolescents. Many children being exposed to large amounts of mass media

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