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Enhancing Skills and Behavior as a Human Resource Student

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INTRODUCTION All businesses, no matter what the size, need some sort of organizational structure, consisting of various departments that contribute to the company’s overall mission and goals. Human Resource Management has always played a major role in sustaining the company and maintaining its work force. They are the ones who work for the organization such as employee recruitment and retention, exit interviews, motivation, assignment selection, labor law compliance, performance reviews, training, professional development, mediation, and change management, and many more. It is really important in a business to have people who will manage and organized the employees. Based on a survey, 8 out of 10 businesses are successful because of the influence of Human Resource in the company.
Being an HR manager consistently ranks as one of the best jobs, with a #4 ranking by CNN Money in 2006 and a #20 ranking by the same organization in 2009, due to its pay, personal satisfaction, job security, future growth, and benefit to society.
Which is why the BSBA course, with Human Resource Development Management as its major, aims to prepare the graduates for a career in the specialized field of Human Resource Management which are essentially found in the manufacturing and marketing areas and related services basically established in industries such as pharmaceutical, semi-conductor, food and beverage, banking industries and other types of organizations. Through this course, they will have the knowledge about handling a different skills and technological strategy.
HR students are still on the process of learning its concepts, principles, theories, and philosophies, in order to know how they can make meaningful contributions as a strategic partner in building the organization to become globally competitive.…...

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