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A healthy and balanced diet plan is essential for building lean mass muscle and burning fat. Infact, healthy diet plan and nutrition is considered to be more than 50% of the essential factors for bodybuilding. Include healthier bodybuilding foods in your diet. The healthier the food, the more nutrients your body gets. Having the right food at the right time and paying attention to your micronutrients and supplements can have a good impact on your results. Following a proper diet plan while going on with your training can have great results. Here is a list of diet tips that can work for you:
Monitor the Intake of Calories In your Diet.
When you have to gain more muscle s you seriously need to increase your intake of calories. But, do not overdo
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There must have been times when you don't get the time to take your breakfast and you skip it without a second thought. Well, if you are still doing this, you must know what you are putting yourself into. Have 5 to 6 meals a day that would amount to 1200 calories. This will increase your body’s metabolism and restricts your body from storing fat. Consider including 40 to 80 grams of carbs and 40 to 60 grams of proteins depending on your body size counts. Other than healthy fats, keep the intake of dietary fat really low (5 to 10 grams per meal).
Pre and Post Workout Meals
Weh you are into bodybuilding, pre and post workout meals are the most important meals for you. A good pre-workout meal provides the body with the essential fuel to help you go through a power packed training session. An ideal pre-workout meal should consist of high-quality protein. This help in the recovery of the exhausted muscles and tissues and reduce post-exercise soreness.
Give priority to proteins
Protein is the most important nutrient of any muscle building diet plan. These are rich in amino acids which can naturally be used as the building blocks for muscle protein. The suggested protein intake on a daily basis is 1 gram per body

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