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Ethical Concerns

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Prayer for exams success (a short prayer for passing an exam)


I pray that you would help me pass this exam. Thank you for your guidance in leading me to this study and for sustaining me as I have worked for this qualification. I ask now that your spirit would lead me. Come sharpen my thinking and help me to excel in this test of my learning and understanding. May I be able to recall everything I need from my studies and answer each question well.

Prayer before exam (a prayer for guidance and inspiration for an upcoming exam test)

Be with me as I take this exam.
Keep my mind alert and my memory sharp.
Calm my nerves and help me concentrate.
I know that you walk with me,
Guiding my path and inspiring my heart.
I pray that I would feel you with me,
And that your friendship would soften the pressure I feel.
I pray that I would pass this exam and go on to new things with you.
Thank you for your peace and your love in my life.
Thank you for your kindness and care for me.

Prayer for exam anxiety (a prayer for God's peace to come)
Heavenly Father,

Only your peace can sustain me through the anxiety and stresses of exam nerves. Your peace surpasses all understanding. I ask for this gift and choose to lean upon you at this time.
Lord, come and remind me of your unfailing love.
Remind me that you hold me safe, you understand me, and you cherish me.
I lay down my fears before you.
I leave them at the foot of the cross, for you have overcome the world.
I choose to give you all my concerns, worries and fears of failure.
I trust that your loving hand will hold me through these exams and lead into a bright future.


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