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Personal Ethical Viewpoint
Most people have some sense of ethical values and the way in which people view the topic of ethics can vary dramatically from person to person. I believe that I have a great sense of ethics due to my upbringing, convictions and morals. Through life, I have always felt that I am a strong relationship builder and restorer. I have always tried to be objective and well-grounded when connecting with others. I have always maintained a sense of tradition and compassion. My foremost downfall is that I can be arrogant or overconfident at times. The following essay will reveal more about my sunny disposition in life as well as the demons inside me.
Personal Preferred Ethical Lens
I am lucky to be torn between two very good lenses. The first that will be covered is the Relationship Lens. Let’s define the relationship lens. My understanding is a group of people reflect upon the relationship between deciding what needs to be accomplished and the ethical plan in which to complete it while keeping in mind their duties. The second preferred ethical lens is the Reputation Lens. My interpretation of this lens is simple. People make decisions based on two items. What is ethical and how their reputation or role will come into play with the decision that is made.
These two lenses uncannily describe me very well. When there are decisions to be made in my life, I always attempt to look at the big picture and then break it down into segments before making a possible rash decision that will haunt me later. I first look at what is ethical or the right thing to do. I try to keep the Golden Rule in mind while in the decision making process. Another item I evaluate is how my decision is going to affect others in the way they look at me. I try to be a good role model first of all to my family, the children in my after school program, my church…...