Ethics Related to Sociology: Culture and Society

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Ethics related to Sociology

Living in this world without any companion is like a world without color. It is like you have drowned from the deepest part of darkness. As the saying “No man is an island”, it is proven that a person can’t live within itself. You must have friends and socialize with them in order for you to make a wonderful living. Having interaction with other people—sharing some beliefs and practices may consider as part of sociology.
Sociology itself means “the study of society”, where it came from the Greek word “socio” means “society” and “-logos” mean “the study of”. Sociology is the scientific study of society, of the ways of which society is organized and operates, and of the factors contributing to both societal stability and social change. It is concerned with patterned social regularities rather than with unique personal experiences. Simply means that sociology is the study of the things around the society.
Studying the society also involves ethical values where people will be taught how to live doing the right thing over the wrong one. Though people have their own ways of living, each of us may consider that ethics is very important in everyone’s life. Based on Emerita S. Quito, the author of the book “Fundamentals of Ethics”, ethics is from the Greek word “ethos” meaning a characteristic way of doing things, or a body of customs. In general, ethics is meant to be applied in order to teach the people how to live essentially doing the right one.

Research Topic
Culture and Society
Aside from studying the society-- its organization and structures, sociologists started to go deeper and also study the culture of the society. Culture is the total way of life shared by members of a society. It includes language, values and symbolic meanings (Sociology 2nd Edition, D. B. Brinkerhoff & L. K. White).
Culture and society are…...