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SAP Eligibility Rules
Jeanine Jones
University of Phoenix
December 10, 2013

In an organization, eligibility rules are so important because they allow clients to receive benefits and services. Eligibility rules seek the resources that are available to the clients and ration them so that people can learn and benefit from resources. Sometimes when the eligibility rules are not correctly propositioned, people will not even the available resources. Decisions need to be made and whether a person qualifies for assistance falls between guidelines that are set into place for the greater good of the clients. The Substance Abuse Program is an important organization whose eligibility rules matter the most because the inmates have already been stripped of all of their rights. The main eligibility process for the Substance Abuse Program is through Judicial Decision. Because the Substance Abuse program is only offered to incarcerated inmates and this opportunity is handed down by a judicial ruling. Inmates may plead their case to the court, and in many instances they know that being accepted into the program means reduced sentencing. Instead of focusing on getting out of custody to return to the same habits, inmates should really appreciate the special program that they are limited to. Judicial decisions are important because each ruling is different. The Substance Abuse Program has been around through the correction facility for a while and there are certain things that are expected from the inmates being accepted into the program. The inmates must show they are willing to accept the help being given. The inmates must show a need for the services and a willingness to change. Appeals for persona who are not accepted into the program are also treated on a case-by-case basis. Appeals are made in the form of a letter to the judge. The next problem

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