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Please enter your name in the upper right cell.

Read the directions carefully. Note that the exam is worth a maximum of 15 points (15% of your course grade). Some items are required, and some offer choices of which ones to complete. Responses must be in your own words (no copied content or quotations allowed) in the cells provided; the cells will expand downward as you type. You do not need to cite sources for this test, especially because no copied content is permitted. Be advised that any copied content will not earn points. Please leave the two right-hand scoring columns alone; the instructor will complete those during grading.

NOTE: As your answers grow longer, the next item may scroll off the page. Make certain to continue until you reach the clearly marked “End of Exam” box.


|Content |Points |Points |
| |Earned |Available |
|1. |Describe the hydrologic cycle. How does the hydrologic cycle help make oceans more acidic? What | |4.0 |
| |role does pH play in the health of ocean ecosystems? | | |
|Your Response to Q1: |
|Hydrologic cycle is a continuous cycle in which water evaporates and travels into the air and becomes part of the clouds, falls down to |
|earth as precipitation and then it evaporates again. Due to the human industry in having fossil fuel powered machines which release carbon |
|dioxide and other gases, as well as a large amount of CO2 in the seas have caused the ocean to become acidic. The saturation of seawater is |
|very important for many marine species that build their shells or skeletons with limestone which is a process known as calcification, if the|
|pH levels of the ocean drops it results in an under saturation of carbonate ions, which disrupts the calcification process. |
|2. |Name three major causes of deforestation. Where is deforestation most severe today? | |2.0 |
|Your Response to Q2: |
|Deforestation is done to make more land available for housing and urbanization, farming and timber. Deforestation is more severe in |
|Malaysia due to having high rates in forest loss due to heavy rainwater that caused massive flooding. Illegal logging and rezoning natural |
|forest for the plantations only create much more of the problem. According to data from the United Nations shows that the rate of |
|deforestation increased from 86% between 1990-2000 and 2000-2005. That is very percentage Malaysia lost 140,200 hectares per year since |
|2000. |
|Malaysia.2015.Mongabay. Retrieved from |
| |
|3. |What is biodiversity? What are three causes of biodiversity loss? | |2.0 |
|Your Response to Q3: |
|Biodiversity is the existence of many different kinds of plants and animals in an environment. The three causes of biodiversity loss is the|
|pollution which degrades habitat, the introduction of new species can cause an imbalance in the food chain and climate change the heating of|
|the Earth’s surface affects biodiversity it can endanger the species that have adapted to living in cold weather like the Polar Bears. |

REQUIRED Matching Exercise

4. Review the following list and match the items with their descriptions (a through o) below. Enter your responses in the cells to the left of each definition. (Feel free to copy each response from the list below and paste it into the correct box.) Each correct response earns 0.2 points. Tip: Not all items in the list will be used. Each answer will be used no more than one time.

|Available Responses: | | |
|Aquifer |DDT Kills: The Unrecognized Threat |Malaria |
|Bioaccumulation |Diarrhea |Methane gas |
|Biomagnification |Eutrophication |Niche |
|Biosphere |Fertilizer |Oceans |
|Biotope |Food Poisoning |Polluted Water |
|Carbon Cycle |Food Web |Rachel Carson |
|Carbon Dioxide |Gifford Pinchot |Silent Spring |
|Circle of Life |Groundwater |The Excellent Powder |
|Coral Reef |Hydrologic Cycle |Trophic Level |
| |John Muir |Water |

|Your Answer |Description |Correct |Incorrect |
|Biotope |Area of uniform climate and environmental conditions | | |
|Rachel Carson |Author of a book about DDT and its environmental effects | | |
|Silent Spring |The title of the book that the above author (b) wrote | | |
|Niche |A tiny physical space where an animal lives | | |
|Bioaccumulation |How pollutants increase in concentration before entering the food | | |
| |chain | | |
|Biomagnification |The increase in pollutants within the food chain | | |
|Carbon Dioxide |The molecular compound that is most blamed for climate change | | |
|Hydrologic Cycle |The subsurface zone through which water flows; connects lakes, rivers,| | |
| |and other bodies of water. | | |
|Malaria |Disease that has been blamed for deaths of more than 800,000 people | | |
| |annually | | |
|Biosphere |The surface of the earth is a ___________ | | |
|Oceans |Place where most living plants and animals live | | |
|Food web |Describes what eats what | | |
|Trophic Level |Describes organisms that occupy the same position in a food chain | | |
|John Muir |An early naturalist in California | | |
|Eutrophication |One common source of too much nitrogen in a lake | | |
|Points Earned: | | |

CHOOSE and respond to two (2) of the following questions. Please note: If you respond to more than two, only the first two responses will be graded. Responses must be in your own words (no copied content or quotations allowed) in the cells provided; the cells will expand downward as you type. You do not need to cite sources for this test, especially because no copied content is permitted. [Be advised that any copied content will not earn points.] Please leave the two right-hand scoring columns alone; the instructor will complete those during grading.

|Content |Points |Points |
| |Earned |Available |
|5. |How are forest fires bad for an ecosystem? How is fire good for an ecosystem? | |2.0 |
|Your Response to Q5: A natural disturbance can cause a disruption to current state of an ecosystem, it can take from months to decades for |
|the ecosystem to bounce back. Plants die, animal are left without a home and are chosen to live in lands with no wild life at all. Fire can|
|be good for the ecosystem by increasing the habitat diversity and improve forage for animals. Some fires help in preventing larger and |
|deadly fires from happening, some of the green vegetation start growing just in couple of days of the fire, the growing of vegetation bring |
|grazing mammals back into the land. Ground fires help in preserving the balance of pine forests and also help in removing the excessive |
|fuel and kill the competing species. |
|6. |What do environmental scientists mean by sustainable development? Give an example of sustainable | |2.0 |
| |development. Give an example of development that is not sustainable. | | |
|Your Response to Q6: |
|“Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” One |
|example is solar Energy, this will help in reducing the pollution, its free and to use because it uses the energy from the sun. An example |
|for unstainable development is urban planning which would cause the ozone depletion. |
| |
|7. |Compare and contrast anthropodentrism, biocentrism, and ecocentrism. | |2.0 |
|Your Response to Q7: Anthropocentrism describes a human-centered view of our relationship with the environment. When an anthropocentric |
|denies or even ignores the notion that nonhuman entities can have rights. Biocentrism assign to value that certain living things or to a |
|biotic area. So in this area human and non-human life both have ethical standing. Ecocentrism judges the actions of their effects on the |
|entire ecological systems, which are non-living and living things and even the relationship among them |
|8. |Explain what a food web is. Explain how a food web is related to trophic levels. | |2.0 |
|Your Response to Q8: A food web consist of a network of food chains from which give energy and nutrient from one living species to another |
|in a particular ecosystem. Food webs have trophic levels and trophic positions which consist of different levels which in the first levels |
|consist of species of plants which are known as the producers, the second level is herbivores then the last is the carnivores. Each organism|
|stays in the position of the food web. |
|9. |What is a point source? What is a nonpoint source? Give an example of each. In your opinion, which | |2.0 |
| |one is more difficult to address? Explain why. | | |
|Your Response to Q9: |
|Point source is the result in chemicals are coming from a single location, examples such as pollution in the air, water and soil. An |
|example of point source would be a factory that is producing chemicals, in the manufacturing process includes certain posinous chemicals and|
|gases which are then released into the air. Non-point-source is the contaminats that are introduced into the environment over a large area.|
|An example would be people who drive cars, the engine produces many chemicals from the gasoline. |


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