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The Influence Of Games On Adults Sergio T. Eid Notre Dame University – Louaize

The Influence Of Games On Adults Outline Thesis Statement : Games are as important for adults as they are for children for many reasons : I- They provide physical effort and healthy body : A. Healthy ways : -Training frequently : sports , physical games B. Exaggerated efforts : -Training injuries : age injuries , weaker body II- They affect our way of living : A. Fun resources : -Release anxiety: funny games , group games B. Problem sources and time consumption : -increase tension : challenging games -addective games III- Games strengthen the links between the players : A. Cooperative games : -football , cards B. Replace other major interactive activities : -discussing IV- They project us to childhood : A. Generates good old memories B. Trap us in the past

“ Life is more fun if you play games”, Roald Dahl . When we say games , we figure directly childhood moments and habitudes , but games heads certainly for all ages because fun is for everyone. Games differ from one country to another , from one generation to another but reflect a common feeling for all the gamers . Childhood experiences result from all the amusement moment spent , while adults conceder those occupations as silly and none sense . Childhood wasn’t about winning or losing , but about enjoying the little things in life that adults didn’t realize . Games have a big influence on adults for many reasons.

First of all , play time is a great way to escape laziness and prevent obesity . Running after a ball or simply playing with their kids , parents will preserve their body and health . Moreover playing chess and such games may improve the brain function and prevent memory problems . Sports regenerate the youth feeling in every old person and give the body a physical strength . However , excess of physical duties may affect badly on adults , fatigue could be fatal for old bodies and could be a reason for heart attacks . And sports injuries could take a while for adults to be healed . Furthermore , modern life is affected by many factors essentially by anxiety , work problems and routine , so fun time is major to surpass the bad moments in life . Indeed , fun release endorphin and relieve a good feeling even in the bad moments of life. In addition , studies showed that playing around 1 h a day can improve the skills at work and increase productivity and energy . Nonetheless , challenging games such as poker , extreme sports and more could be a reason for more problems . Gambling is an addiction that pursue mainly the adults and can improve anxiety and depression. Dangerous sports my affect not even the player but also his family and friends . Likewise , fun time can also be a time consumption for many as it replace other important activities as working or even spending time with family . Play improves relations between the players and could be a key to solve conflicts and disagreements . Play teaches how to trust others especially in group games and sports such as football and basketball , reinforces relationships , yet it teaches how to play nice and how to socialize quickly . Cooperative games highlight participation and fun rather than winning or losing . Games as Caterpillar , sardines and flying dutchman left our past hanging waiting to be replayed as adults with our same old friends reviving the same old fun . In 2009 , Elinor Osrtom won Nobel price of economics for her work on cooperation , and she insisted that cooperative games assure an economic growth . Anyhow , play is considered as a replacement for more important things to evaluate as adults such as discussing , professional meetings and family gathering . Many approve that a quality time consist a meeting involving patterns to discuss rather than entertainement .

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