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|CASE|"Boris, I understand your concern about the risks involved with expansion, but if we're ever going to realise our dreams and the |
|STUD|potential of this business, we have to believe that we will succeed! Sure, the industry is fickle - one year you're on top while the|
|Y |next year no one wants your designs. We've had some good years and we've had some bad years, but we survived everything the market |
| |threw at us and we learned from our mistakes. I honestly think I now understand just what the market wants; with this knowledge we |
| |should really be able to take off - if only we can improve quality control and shorten the delivery time. The expansion should take |
| |care of these problems and enable us to attract a major market segment we are now only barely touching. You have the financial |
| |training and know-how to analyse the economics of the project, and I'm not disputing that the analysis shows it to be risky. But |
| |sometimes you must have the faith to look beyond the numbers - I vote that we go ahead with the expansion and never look back! It |
| |will succeed; I just know it will!" |
| | |
| |Natasha Martini, who expressed the above sentiments, had worked for just two years in the design department of one of the leading |
| |Sydney fashion houses and had quickly gained a reputation as a radical and creative designer of skate and surf clothing. Boris |
| |Daiquiri, Natasha's boyfriend, worked in the financial manager's division of a large publicly listed investment bank. He got the job|
| |straight after he graduated with a Bachelor of

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