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Gs2745 – Advanced Strategies


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Unit 2 Assignment 1
William Schnatz
GS2745 – Advanced Strategies
Julio Birman
Unit 2 Assignment 1

Jim few options in this situation. First he can give the presentation without the slides and hope it is strong enough without them. Second, he could ask to reschedule the presentation. There are not any real other options. What Jim actually knows is that Sara has called out today and did not send him the slides. What Jim thinks he knows is that Sara didn’t do her part of the presentation and blew off work today. Does it matter? Yes it does matter because he cannot confirm that the girl he saw was Sara or not. He can’t tell anyone because if he is wrong it could hurt Sara’s career. Also if Sara is really sick he could look bad on saying she was faking and did not do her work. Jim needs to use self-control here in this situation. His first instinct in anger maybe to throw Sara under the bus. This does not solve or help with the problem at hand. He must focus on what to do. He should be optimistic that his part of the presentation will be strong enough on its own, without Sara’s slides. Jim must be persistent as he reviews his part of the presentation before giving it to make sure it was done right. His enthusiasm as well as optimism must shine through during the presentation to help sell his point. If he goes in there defeated and down because he does not have Sara’s part, the presentation as well as the CEO’s view will both be negative. With his back against the wall, Jim must find his inner grit to rise to the occasion and deliver. What should Jim do? If I were Jim, I would first talk to my supervisor to let him know Sara is out sick and was unable to send him the slides. I would reassure him that I have faith in the strength of the presentation. I would tell him to keep the scheduled meeting and that I will present it with the best of all my abilities.

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