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Health Campaign I

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Health Campaign Part I

Health Campaign Part I Obesity in children and adolescents is a serious health issue with many health and social consequences which many remains with them into adulthood. It is important to implement prevention programs as well as getting a better understanding for children to help control the obesity epidemic. To better respond to this issues and those similar to it, Healthy People 2020 has been promoting healthy choices that parent can make to help lower the risks of obesity in the children. There are many agencies that are responsible for addressing and managing the affect of obesity in children. The Department of transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency are working together to help promote walking and biking to school as a way to increase the level of exercise for children. Also the United State’s Department of Agriculture or USDA is also working towards providing new Dietary Guidelines and Food Pyramid as well as helping with legislation to improve school food.
The Role of Health Agencies Physical activity is one of many indicators of health defined in the most current version of Healthy People. One of the main results of lack of activities is obesity mainly in children. Obesity in children is a health issue that most health care providers that serve the pediatric community have to deal with and are looking for possible solutions. It is very important for health care agencies to promote health lifestyles and in this case exercise, and healthy eating habit. Obesity in children is a major issue in the United States. So in order to address this issue the United States Department of Agriculture has created dietary guidelines that will help provide healthy nutrition information for each age group. Also the USDA continually updates the Food Pyramid

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