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Ho Chi Minh Profile

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Ho Chi Minh
Ho chi minh was born on May 19th 1890, in small farming village Kim lien in Annam (central Vietnam), he was born with the name nguyen sinh cung but later adopted the name Ho Chi Minh meaning “he who enlightens”. After completing a primary school education in 1907 at a local school, he travelled to the city of hue accompanied by his brother to study in the franco-vietnamese academy, 3 years later Ho dropped out and work as a school teacher in the town of phan thiet.

In 1911 ho got a job as a cook on a French steamed boat bound for Marseille France, details of his journey was not well documented, ho spent the next 2 years travelling the world and working as a pastry chef he visited asia , north America and Europe he finally settled in London. At the peak of world war 1 (1917) Ho move to paris and became involved in anti-colonial activism, in 1919 ho founded a group called the Annamite patriots an organisation consisting of anti-colonial Vietnamese living in France. They authorised a partition demanding the end of the French settlement in Vietnam at the versaillies peace conference held due to the aftermath of world war one , these papers were not officially recognised at the conference but his efforts were well known in Vietnam. he joined the French Communist Party in 1920 and traveled to Russia three years later. He soon began recruiting members of a Vietnamese nationalist that would form the basis of the Indochinese Communist Party (founded in 1930) and traveled the world, including Brussels, Paris and thailand where he worked as a representative of the Communist International organization.
When the nazi’s defeated France in ww 2 1940, Ho saw it as an opportunity for the Vietnamese nationalist cause. Around this timeis when he began to use the name Ho Chi Ho returned to Vietnam in 1941 and created the Viet Minh. Forced to seek China’s aid for...

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