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Homework Should Be Banned

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15 December 2015 Should Schools Be Done with Homework? Have you ever enjoyed a day of relaxation? Have you ever experienced the thrill of having a day just to goof off? Has homework kept you away from that? Kids hate homework. Some kids say that homework is just what they learned in class the same day and they are just repeating it. Why do students need to repeat what we did in class that day? Is it necessary? Some reasons why homework is not effective is that many teachers give too much homework, and often teachers do not coordinate the quantity given. Secondly, unnecessary assignments raise the stress level of the students. However, the main argument against homework is that most of it is just boring practice. Teachers give too much homework to kids and it’s not necessary. In an article written by Lance J. Falk it states that “kids have lives beyond school and schoolwork. About 65 percent of kids, ages of 6-13, play competitive sports. But, unfortunately, some of those kids quit playing the sport they love due to the fact that they have too much schoolwork to tackle during their evening” (Falk). If a student has three soccer practices a week, which consumes 2.5 hours of his Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons, how do you think he or she feels? He or she would obviously feel very tired, right? But now if that same student had two hours of homework three of the five days that he or she has school he or she would feel exhausted, stressed, and maybe depressed after weeks of this. He’s not going to have the energy to do any of the homework. Many kids have to quit their favorite sport that they love just to focus on their homework because they don’t want to fail the class. A further point is that unnecessary assignments raise the stress level of the students. When kids are stressed out they are less focused on their class work and then they wouldn’t know how to do the homework either. In an artical written by Rebecca Wallersteiner it states “Nowadays both children and their parents may be getting stressed over homework, and depending on the child's age this can be from one hour a week to two-and-a half-hours per day.In an attempt to improve standards of education, parents are being increasingly drawn in as unpaid 'teachers' to help”(Wallersteiner). Why should kids be stressed because of homework at such a young age? That’s not right, if you think about it some of us students have been doing homework since kindergarten. Parents want their child to have an education but to come from school and have more homework than they did classwork that day. Many of the parents go to help their child with their homework and they cannot help as much as they would like to because parents learned a different way when they went to school. So it’s stressful for the parents as well as the children. However, the main argument against homework is that most of it is just boring practice. Some teachers feel practice will help students improve. They feel students are learning the same thing over and over again each time they do homework. However, homework is not as effective as teachers may think. According to one article, ¨Added to that is the research that shows that too much homework is often counterproductive¨ (Washington Post). This author is saying that homework is not helping students. It actually is counterproductive, or doing the opposite of what the teachers think it is doing at times. The same article also stated, ¨Many consist of mindless tasks, or else are time wasters that have nothing to do with the lesson at hand¨ (Washington Post). Homework is a mindless waste of time according to that article. Homework is not only boring, but useless as these authors state. In conclusion, homework is not effective to students´ learning. Homework interferes with sports because it takes too long to be done. Homework also increases stress levels in students and parents who are already stressed with the pressures of life as it is. Finally, homework is boring and ineffective. More importantly, it is often useless and does not really help students learn.


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