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How Fedex Works

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List the business processes displayed in the video

Based on the video uploaded in youtube, focusing on the procedures of packages’ sorting and shipment (and not on any other e.g Receiving and handling paper bills of lading, dealing with customer specific shipping information etc), one could identify the following business processes:

- Collecting packages from senders’ location

- Transferring packages to the Sorting Centers

- Scanning packages for calculating volume

- Sorting packages per destination

- Loading packages to containers

- Weighting loaded containers

- Transferring loaded containers to airport

- Loading containers onto Fedex’s fleet

- Monitoring & controlling flying operations

- Transferring packages to the Sorting Centers of each destination district

- Delivering packages to recipients’ locations

List the types of information systems shown in the video. Can you describe how systems that were not shown might be used at fedex?

The information systems shown in the video are the following:

- Information System for collection data entry and process (e.g data regarding sender’s location, date/time of collection etc)

- Information System for shipping data entry and process (e.g data regarding recipient’s location/choice of consignment service – standard, express etc)

- Information System for calculating package’s volume based on scanned dimensions

- Information System for calculating customer’s freight charge based on package’s volume and weight

- Information System for controlling and monitoring flight operations

- Information System for delivery data entry and process (e.g data regarding date/time of delivery, person’s name signing delivery form etc)

Other types of Information Systems that might be...

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