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How to Achieve Food Safety


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Quiz on the Bread Group
Choose the best answer.
1. Breads, cereals, rice, and pasta are high in...
a. calcium
b. carbohydrates
c. fat
2. Whole-grain foods like brown rice and whole wheat bread are better choices than white rice and white bread because whole-grains...
a. contain more fiber
b. contain more vitamin C
c. cost less
3. A doughnut has...
a. more sugar than bread
b. more fat than bread
c. less fiber than bread all of the above

Q: 1. Which of the following nutrients is needed to build and maintain the structural components of the body? Carbohydrates Protein Fat Fiber

1. Which of the following foods contains cholesterol?
a. peanut butter
b. chicken
c. strawberry jam
2. Our bodies make cholesterol in the...
a. liver
b. brain
c. bones
3. High blood cholesterol may increase your risk of getting:
a. cancer
b. heart disease
c. arthritis
1. The _______________ shows the last day a food should be EATEN.
a. sell-by date
b. best-if-used by date
c. expiration date
2. The _______________ shows the last day a food should be SOLD.
a. sell-by date
b. best-if-used-by date
c. expiration date
3. The date stamped on milk is the _______________.
a. last date the milk should be sold
b. sell-by date
c. both a and b
4. The date stamped on packaged cereals is the _______________.
a. pack date
b. best-if-used-by date
c. expiration date
1. Fat does NOT...
a. store important vitamins
b. make foods taste good
c. help you keep a healthy weight
2. All of the following EXCEPT ----- will reduce the amount of fat in your diet.
a. drinking skim milk instead of whole milk
b. using regular margarine instead of butter
c. adding less fat when you cook
d. trimming the fat off of meat
3. A high fat diet increases your risk of getting...
a. cancer
b. skin disease
c. Alzheimer's disease
1. Foods in the Fats, Oils and Sweets group

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