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Hrm Database Systems

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HR Database Systems
Question 1 The two commercial HR database systems that I would recommend for my organization are the Oracle Human resources Management systems and the HR Quik HR database system. Using the HR Quik HR database system provides an advantage in that its reports are very simple to run with all its data being generated in Excel. It can track the costs and benefit plans of employees and all the data within the systems can easily be merged with an employee’s documents (Lee, Tan & Wuwongse, 2006). This database also generates forms automatically with regards to the newly hired employees and those who have been terminated; it saves the documents which have been scanned and offers sample forms for guiding users in their generation and use (Kavanagh, Thite & Johnson, 2011). However, the database also has several disadvantages manifested in its inability of creating security profiles, facilitating the effective performance of audit trails due to its concurrent access anomalies and it only offers cloud-hosting features as an optional tool only in some of those models found in the market (Singh, 2009). On the other hand, the Oracle Human Resource Management System also offers several advantages to its users that include the creation and definition of user and security profiles, enabling the effective performance of audit trails and enables the HR to make payroll payments as it has the capability of handling multiple assignments. The Oracle Human Resource Management System has features for enabling and disabling audit trails, enabling the integration of web ADIs and setting up responsibilities among the different users (Singh, 2009). However, it also encounters disadvantages in that instances of data redundancy or inconsistency, data isolation and other integrity issues may be witnessed owing to the responsibilities awarded to different parties (Lee, Tan &

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