Hum 186 Week 3 – Relationship Between Media and Culture

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HUM 186 Week 3 – Relationship between Media and Culture
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There is has always been a strong relationship between media and culture. The relationship is a give and take style of relationship, where the media and the culture of the society lead the way. Television, movies, music, clothing, and electronic gaming steal what is popular in culture and make it their own. On the flipside, culture will often influence popular culture. There are three major media forms that reflect society the most, including television, movies, and electronic gaming.
Television has been an extremely popular form of media since its inception. The highest rated shows reflect the society of their day, giving the audience an escape from their own everyday lives, and an insight into the lives of others. Television shows like Seinfeld, Home Improvement, Rosanne, Parenthood, and Friends are all shows about nothing really, but include social values and lesson. The life lessons and values are either discreet or out in the open, but reflect the values of society and culture

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HUM 186 Week 3 – Relationship between Media and Culture
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