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I Am What I Am

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“I Am What I AM” is a musical which was on shown in January in Sheung Wan Civic Centre. The story of the musical is actually a real-life story adapted from a Singapore transgender person, Abigail, about making a tough decision of being loyal to her true gender. Abigail’s frustration of whether to take the Sex Reassignment Surgery (“SRS” for short) or not was exquisitely presented in the musical, so as to communicate with the audience and encourage them to have an in-depth review about the related issue.

Why Abigail hopes to be a female rather than a male? To uncover the underlying reasons, let’s start with knowing more about her life in early stage. Being born as a boy, Abigail felt that he was a girl deeply inside his mind. Liked other normal little girls, he loved playing Barbie dolls and doll’s houses. Presenting girls’ characteristics in his childhood gave him a derogatory nickname, “Girlish Boy”, which was frequently called by his classmates in primary school. Trying to conceal his female mind, Abigail always made himself looks like stronger, self-reliant through behaviors, thoughts but seems that was not successful. His classmates continued to laugh at him with offensive languages. When he grew up, he felt much more natural and comfortable to play with girls while sensed shy to play with boys.

In Singapore, boys who aged 18 had to serve their duty in military. During that period, Abigail took baths in late evening after all the other soldiers took their baths. It is because Abigail felt so embarrassing to show his nude body to other boys and he felt extremely shy when she saw the boys’ ones. After years of deep consideration and struggling, Abigail finally reached his mum and dad’s agreement mentally and financially to take the SRS in 1982.

Being a transgender, Abigail was seriously discriminated in the society that she couldn’t find any jobs…...

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