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I chose Zips, a company for portable wine containers. The initial offer from the pitch was a 2.5 million dollar investment for 10% equity stake in the company. The Zips business is the best solution to drinking wine on the go. I chose this product because I was very impressed with the offer and the backup that the presenter had. Zips is going to be a successful company simply in the utility of the product. Many people who want to have wine somewhere have the problem of having a nice way of drinking it. The consumable product itself is sellable and generally a high-class commodity. People who buy wine have money so the target audience is profitable. What I am very impressed with is the mobility of the product. The holistic utility of the product is mainly in its mobility. Not only can you take it anywhere but also the glasses are extremely strong. The presenter even stood on top of his class product and it didn’t break. Keep in mind this is a only a glass to hold wine. Secondly the twist on cap that can attach to the bottom is a well thought idea that greatly increases the mobility. I think that the patent that the company has is a valuable one. Selling the company’s own wine might not be the best idea however if they sell the packaging license to a huge company that either distributes or bottles wine, the company could be sold for a lot of money. Just the idea behind the franchise is valuable in itself.
Yes, it isn’t as good as having an actual wine glass but it’s a fun commodity for younger drinkers to bring to hangouts. I asked my friends who go to college in America and some of them are in fraternities. They thought that this idea could become so famous and popular in Greek life all around America, which contributes greatly to low-end alcohol consumption.
One of the sharks bought into the deal and fulfilled the 2.5 million for 10 percent...

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