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Importance Of Patience For Children

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(b) Be clear and concise To be an effective communicator you must be clear and concise. Use short, clear and simple sentences. In particular, when you are giving instructions or directions do not give too many at the one time, instead break it up into small tasks. For example, if you want the child to put all their books, their pencil case, and their lunch box back into their bag, try giving them one instruction at a time – “put your books in your bag please”. Wait until this task is completed and then give the next instruction, etc. If you give all three instructions at the one time the chances are the child will only hear the last instruction and this could lead to everyone ending up frustrated. (c) Communication availability A child …show more content…
According to the Oxford Dictionary patience is defined as “The capacity to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious”. It is really important to be patient with children who have difficulty following instructions and directions. If they ask you to repeat the instruction you must not get annoyed and simply say it again in a calm, friendly …show more content…
Role of parents as the first educators of their children.
Role of the SNA in relation to team discussions and meetings as appropriate.

• Understand the non-teaching role of the SNA in relation to working with children, teachers, parents and the multi-disciplinary team.

• Investigate the ways in which an SNA can act as a support for the teacher in preparing for activities resources and tidying up the classroom.

• Understand how to work effectively as an SNA by working as part of a team.

• Following appropriate health and safety procedures in the workplace

• Understand the variety of needs of children with special needs within the school and classroom environment including physical needs, sensory needs, social needs and emotional needs.

• Demonstrate an awareness of good practice qualities such as reliability, dependability, flexibility, etc.

Describe good practice skills such as:
• Confidentiality
• Boundaries
• Respect

Investigate the range of activities that may be part of the daily routine of a child with special needs in a classroom. These can

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