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The individual mandate is the prime focus in health care now. It makes sure that every person has insurance.

Health care services account for 17.6% of the GDP. According to Hiatt.F et al. (2012), today an average family pays an additional 1000 dollars of higher premium to subsidize the cost incurred by those who receive care and do not have insurance to pay for it. If every person does not need to have insurance, healthy people would prefer not to enroll for insurance, in order to avoid the ever increasing cost of premiums, which shift the costs to other people who pay insurance staring a viscous cycle.

According to census report (2011), there are more than 49.9 million uninsured Americans; the expenditure on uninsured is ever increasing. When all are insured, eventually the cost incurred by the government on uninsured reduces, this gives the government additional resources to spend on research and improve the quality of health care.

Many insurance companies deny insurance coverage for the pre existing conditions so that they would not have to pay a higher reimbursement however if insurance coverage would be made compulsory for all The cost would be spread out as there would be healthy people in the pool . For instance if we choose to go for individual plan the cost is eye popping high, but when we take group insurance the cost is significantly lowered. According to the insurance company policies a group is always safer to insure than an individual because they would have more negotiation with the hospital prices, this reduces the cost of medical treatment.

Even though the term “Individual mandate” causes knee jerk reactions among people, the reality is not so draconian. I think it is just like car insurance, it only requires a minimum level of coverage and it is entirely upon us to choose what plan and which insurance coverage.

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