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Source What is Inner Game? Inner Game is what goes on in your mind. It's the attitudes , values and emotions you carry with you in every moment of your life. A man with s olid Inner Game will have few problems attracting women. He will have s trong confidence and s elf-es teem. He is the man every one of you reading this s hould s trive to be. I've put a lot of focus and effort into writing and collecting the bes t references on Inner Game pos s ible. I encourage you to read the pos ts linked below. Revis it them from time to time and feel free to as k any ques tions you may have. Without further ado... My personal contributions on Inner Game. These should provide a good base to start from: Inner (and outer) characteristics that should define who you are as a man: Les s on 1: Primer on Being a Modern Alpha Male by TofuTofu How these characteristics are manifested internally and externally: Les s on 2: Alpha Body Language & Tonality AND MORE (from RSD) by TofuTofu How being happy affects your game and how to achieve happiness: Les s on 3: Importance of Projecting an Aura of Happines s and Well-being by TofuTofu What 'Giving Value' Means and its Importance: ON GIVING VALUE: Why you're not being invited out to do cool things by TofuTofu These are the best of the best Inner Game posts on seddit. Please read them carefully, they are worth your time: Inner Game traits of alpha males: The Inner Game of Being Alpha by Mays onNSS The 4 Foundations to Getting Succes s with Women by Mays onNSS How-to guide on improving your Inner Game: Ten Steps to s trong inner game. (by me) by KillYourTelevis ion One sedditor's heartfelt story of inner game improvement: How I rebuilt mys elf by puaCurveBall Steps you can take to improve your being & mindset: How to play the game right. Jus t from what I know from my own experiences . by s parkreas on How to carry the energy from your "good nights" with you as you develop: Peak Experiences defined: The Nights You Have That Top All Others and How To Have More of Them. by BLuefack How to be a value giver (read the comments): Give value without s eeking approval. Can s omeone go more in depth on what this means ? by unmovings hadow On having an abundance mentality: Scarcity vs Abundance: How needines s kills your game. by Mays onNSS On staying outcomes independent: Outcome Dependence: View From The Other Side by nycprowl On eliminating neediness from your life: Why needines s is bad, why it exis ts , and how to fix it by chalengr Step-by-step guide for improving yourself: Les s ons in Game by VanNorden On being in state and assuming attraction: Why Being In State is Important & Why NOT to Wait for IOIs , or, What Drinking Alcohol Taught Me by TofuTofu On how Vulnerability is totally congruent with Alphaness Vulnerability - Alpha vs Beta (and other concepts ) by tes tmypatience Special advice for introverts: Introvers ion VS Extrovers ion and why it matters to you: Learn to vibe. by BLuefack

Deep, detailed analysis of the core of self-esteem and inner game: Notes on "The Six Pillars of Self-Es teem" by Nathaniel Branden. Gets to the core of inner game is s ues . by thedude108 Small tips to improve your self-esteem & confidence: 10 Res olutions That Will Dras tically Improve Your Life by Mays onNSS Some inspirational quotes: Some Quotes by frogma As per a s edditor's reques t: The 21 epiphanies that helped me in my ques t to become better at s eduction. by GreatBarrierReefer Buddhis m and Inner game by bangthemermaid External Resources: "Intimate Connections " by David Burns (paperback) "The Blueprint Decoded" by Real Social Dynamics /r/innergame/ s ubreddit run by Mays onNSS Las tly, many s edditors find the field reports [FR] on s eddit to be ins pirational. Feel free to read what your fellow s edditors are going through and comment. We all grow together. As you improve your Inner Game, please give back to the community as much as possible. Thank you. TOP Field Reports on Seddit

The above information has been all pulled and put together below. Enjoy.

Inner Game
Inner (and outer) characteristics that should define who you are as a man
Les s on 1: Primer on Being a Modern Alpha Male by TofuTofu Hi guys . I'm here to talk to you today about what being a modern alpha male entails . This , I believe, is the key to s ucces s ful game. I will be following up with further pos ts on how to properly dis play thes e traits in the field and als o which common pitfalls to avoid. CHARACTERISTICS OF A MODERN ALPHA MALE 1) Be a leader of men People s hould look to you as a leader. You lead by example. You s et the tone for the night. When there's any doubt about what the next move s hould be, you're the one who decides . You take women by the hand. You're a s ocial hub. You're the one people look to when they're looking for a fun time. You're as s ertive but take everyone's feelings into account. 2) Be firm in your values You have meditated and thought about your deepes t inner values . You are unwavering on thes e. Thes e can include things as bas ic as love of life, traveling, s tudying, religion, or not tolerating condes cens ion or s elf-defeating behavior. Thes e are the bas ic pieces that make up your pers onality and it is important to know what they are. The average, beta male has trouble des cribing his pers onal values to others . He looks to others to define who he is . This will not be you. YOU will define who you are. Nobody els e. 3) Be self-validated You do not need the validation of others to define your confidence. You can get "in s tate" from energy generated purely from within. You don't look to others for approval becaus e you KNOW you're an all-s tar. You're AWESOME and every fiber of your being knows it. You will not be knocked out of s tate in the field becaus e nothing can harm your ego. You are awes omenes s embodied. Settle for nothing les s . 4) Be non-reaction seeking & non-reactive How s omeone reacts to your behavior is not particularly important to you. You are s elf-validated and emanate awes omenes s . You are pos itive, unders tanding and beneficent to others yet do not need this fact acknowledged. People react to YOU. You do not react to THEM. People s eek your approval which you dole out as appropriate. You are outcomes -independent.

5) Have social proof and preselection Everywhere you go, people want to be as s ociated with you. You have many friends . Beautiful women are part of your life. You accept this as a god-given fact. You own every room you're in. You're Bill Clinton. You have an abundance mentality becaus e your life is abundant. 6) Be a value giver (and not a value taker) You do not NEED approval from others . Approval is s omething a high value individual doles out to others . Receiving approval is taking value. Seeking approval is being a value taker. YOU dole out the approval. YOU are approached by value takers . YOU are a value giver. Every pers on you encounter in your life is better off for having met you. Whether it's jus t a wave hello to a s tranger, a compliment to your butcher, or a mas s ive party you help organize and invite high value people to, you're enriching the lives of others . You are benevolent and compas s ionate. You look out for and protect the people in your life. 7) Be fun Everywhere you go, you BRING THE PARTY. You ARE the party! You're able to have fun everywhere you go. You can turn a boring bar into the place to be, jus t by s tepping in the room. You're thos e people in the club having more fun than everyone els e. You're playful, teas ing, and s pontaneous with the women in your life. People want to be with you and be bles s ed with the value emanating from your pores . 8) Don't be creepy & make sure to dress/groom well As a modern, alpha male, it's important to be well groomed and dres s ed properly for your pers onality. People look up to you and it's important to put effort into your appearance. Likewis e, you will avoid creepy or s talkeris h behavior. Thes e are not congruent with an alpha male. Everyone s tudying s eduction on this board s hould give s erious cons idering towards living their life to become the embodiment of thes e eight points .

How these characteristics are manifested internally and externally
Les s on 2: Alpha Body Language & Tonality AND MORE (from RSD) by TofuTofu Hi guys . I was going to write an awes ome pos t about alpha body language and tonality And then I received this really good article via the RSD news letter and I realized they did the work for me. So the res t of this is 100% their material, written by Brad Brans on. Rather than go into detail on each point, if you want more info on any of the 35 points lis ted, as k ques tions below AMA s tyle. I am s ure s omeone here will be able to fles h them out for you. Without further ado: 35 WAYS TO CONVEY VALUE (1) Non-submissive eye contact -no darting of the eyes when you look at her, no breaking eye contact firs t. (2) Vocal Projection -the loudes t guy in a group is us ually the mos t comfortable, uns tifled, and highes t value. (3) Commanding and Challenging (Breaking Rapport) Tonality -commanding authoritative tonality puts you in the s ame category as other high value people. it gets her to res pond in a qualifying tone, which s ubcons cious ly s he rationalizes that s he mus t like you becaus e s he only talks with people like that if they are high value. (4) Unreactivity -not s ocially pinging off of the girl. Your s tate is not dependent on her reaction to you. Be the yacht. (5) Who's reacting to who more -who's laughing quicker at the others jokes , who's more into the convers ation, who's giving s ubtle indicators that they like the other. The one reacting more is lower value, s imilar to... (6) Who's more in their head, who's not -this is the s ame as above but internally, things like vomiting words gets her trying to piece together the convers ation. The more non s equitar, the more s he is in her head trying to unders tand what you are s aying, this is why it is s o important to... (7) Lead the conversation -you have control of what is being s aid. I call it channeling the river, s teering the convers ation in

the direction that moves the interaction forward as oppos ed to jus t being a little bitch and talking about whatever jus t s o you can keep the convers ation alive. (8) Good body language -when you feel comfortable and confident you are naturally going to take up more s pace and have good body language, for s imilar reas ons it is important to have a larger... (9) Physical presence -guys that are alpha jus t take up more s pace. You can s ee in a group the mos t alpha guy might have 2-3 feet of s pace between him and the next guy, where as the more s tifled ins ecure pers on takes up very little s pace. This is als o noticeable in how much phys ical movement you us e, hand ges tures and jus t eas e of movement in general. (10) Bringing your state from within -s imilar to 4 and 5, you aren't relying on anyone or the environment to pump your emotional s tate, you feel good becaus e of your own awes omenes s , and the law of s tate trans fermakes everyone happy around you as well. This relates to... (11) Self amusement -the oppos ite of s elf amus ement is reaction s eeking. Reaction s eeking is needines s and a low value trait. Self amus ement is purely for your own enjoyment becaus e you don't care about anyone els e and jus t bathe in your own awes omenes s , you do not s eek reactions to make yours elf feel good. (12) Stating your opinion -a high value pers on is more likely to s tate their opinion, purely becaus e it comes from them, as oppos ed to a low value pers on who does n't think anyone cares what they have to s ay. (13) Statements not questions -s tatements are always more authoritative than ques tions , and who knows , you might give a cold read that is accurate, you tell her s he looks like a nurs e and s he is , and s he'll think it's fate that you two met. (14) Lowering the bar for what you talk about -again vomit words . The more bulls hit things you s ay, the more it conveys that you don't care about the interaction, or the girls res pons e to what you s ay. It s hows that you talk to girls like her all the time, or probably have a couple on s peed dial. (15) Conveying intent -by s howing that you aren't afraid to convey intent, it conveys that you are willing to be vulnerable and put your pers onality on the line, s omething only s omeone with high s elf es teem would feel comfortable doing. (16) Commanding attention -don't compromis e your value jus t to keep her talking. If s he is n't looking at you, call her out. If s he is on her phone, call her out. A high value pers on as s umes that when he is talking people lis ten. If there is a dis s onance, he takes action. (17) Being as comfortable, or more comfortable than the girl -no leaning in to hear her, no s tanding while s he is s itting. Get comfortable, relax, s he s hould be excited to talk to s omeone as cool as you, not the other way around. (18) Entitlement -you feel entitled to the girl. You fully as s ume that s he is yours , and you are not emotionally affected by any res pons e s he has towards you either pos itive or negative. The byproduct of this is ... (19) Indifference -again, you are emotionally indifferent to her reactions towards you. This conveys a level of abundance, in the fact that you probably have other girls , s o s he does n't have as much value to you. (20) Lack of outcome dependence - 18 and 19 explain why you have no emotional reaction to anything s he s ays , and this has inherent s ocial proof/value. (21) Authentic conversation -I talked about this las t week in the s pectrum of authenticity article. The more authentic and real you are, the more vulnerable you are and the more balls it takes . (22) Full frontal positioning -none of that old s kool bulls hit about body rocking and over the s houlder openers . Go in direct, s traight in there, face to face, and make yours elf vulnerable. (23) Passing shit/congruence tests -Alex us ed to s ay that 80% of "natural" game is pas s ing congruence tes ts , and every time you pas s a tes t, attraction goes up.

remember congruence tes ts are more than the obvious "Is that your pickup line?!" there are als o the more s ubtle ones like not making good eye contact, s taring at her phone, or initial unreceptivity at the beginning of an interaction. The bes t way to res pond is by... (24) Being unapologetic -when you go through life by your own s tandards , you don't try to pleas e people, you jus t tell it like it is . Some girl gives you s hit, you call her out, people don't lis ten,you tell them to pay attention. This is becaus e... (25) Don't identify yourself based on other peoples opinions -do you s ee how thes e are byproducts of each other, s omewhat overlapping? This is why it is all s o powerful, it creates a web of beliefs , or a rigid unwavering belief s ys tem. (26) Escalation -more leading here. Having that detachment from the outcome to the point where you aren't emotionally affected if you go to es calate and don't get it. another way of s aying this is to cultivate an... (27) Abundance mindset -now I've had my fair s hare of virgins on bootcamp, and they always as k how they can have an abundance minds et if they obvious ly aren't doing very well in the s ucces s with women category. but it's not abundance directly with women, it's abundance in the fact that you have trus t in your s kills et to get another girl if it does n't work out with the one in front of you. (28) Congruence -who's frame is s tronger, yours or hers ? whoever holds the frame unwaveringly wins , and is more congruent in how they act, knows thems elves better, and trus ts their own judgment over others . (29) Non-judgemental -being judgmental of her s luttines s , or ANYTHING s ort of judgment, is a s ign of naivety and of s omeone who has n't s een much of the world or experienced life. this is why travel is a great way to develop a s tronger frame, life experience makes you much more... (30) Comfortable in your own skin -this is als o why as you get older, as long as you are working on yours elf, you only get more attractive. You've experienced more in life, and when s omething you don't expect happens in the interaction, you deal with it accordingly, without anxiety, without s tres s . (31) Walking through the world with ease -s omeone that has his s hit together is n't going to be s tres s ed. Betas are s tres s ed in life, worried about s urviving and pis s ed they aren't the alpha, while the alpha gorilla jus t chills back and lives the good life. (32) Standing out, be unique -s ociety conditions us to be average, to be beta. Throw away the s tripey s hirts , throw away the khakis , get a little s ex appeal. (33) Being comfortable with silence -not feeling like you need to keep talking if you have nothing to s ay, you are jus t as cool chilling with your own awes omenes s , when the convers ation s tops for a moment, it gives you an opportunity to remember how cool you are. (33) Dominance -what is dominance? The oppos ite is s ubmis s ion, and therefore proactively leading the interaction leads to her s ubmitting, one way that you can s how that you aren't afraid to take a ris k is by... (34) Leading -to lead is to take a ris k, if you go for it, let's s ay moving her to the bar, you might not get it, and a low value pers on, s omeone not comfortable with thems elves , would be afraid to try. (35) Assuming attraction -there is inherent s ocial proof bas ed on how you interact with the girl. If you are interacting with her in a way that you are as s uming s he likes you, s he will deduce that other girls that look like her us ually like you as well.

How being happy affects your game and how to achieve happiness
Les s on 3: Importance of Projecting an Aura of Happines s and Well-being by TofuTofu Hi guys . Hope all is well.

A couple recent events have ins pired me to write this next entry in my Inner Game s eries . The firs t is obvious ly the earthquake/ts unami of March 11th. In a bus ines s /profes s ional s ens e, I was hit pretty hard by the devas tation here in Japan. Not to mention all the general s tres s and anxiety caus ed by the on-going s tream of negative news and fear in Japan. However it's eas y to keep pros pective about how nice you've got it when you can jus t turn on the TV and s ee tens of thous ands of homeles s people putting their lives back together after los ing their entire cities , loved ones and pos s es s ions . So I'm not going to complain. The s econd was an email s ent to me by a friend whos e game is abs olutely blowing up. I introduced him to The Blueprint Decoded by RSD and Entourage Game a couple months back and it's been taking his game to the next level. Here is an exerpt: Jus t realized after lis tening to chapter 7 again that my bes t s tate is when I'm having a good time with my friends . Regardles s if I'm hitting on girls or not. If my s elf value and happines s is emanating whether I'm doing my approach or I'm s itting quietly s miling girls are drawn to it. As long as I give off an aura of happines s and well being. For ins tance when we were at that bar on my bday, Dan and the boys were pus hing up on all the girls as I s at quietly drunk s miling. one girl was drawn to it, we s tarted talking and I ended up s mas hin that night. I did nothing but be happy with mys elf and friends having a good time. I think its important to jus t always be happy and confident in whatever the group is doing and not give up if it is n't working. Jus t be humble with the s ituation and your s urroundings . I was s o happy yes terday lis tening to good mus ic and dancing s olo while a friend s at there and her gf came up and s tarted dancing with me which led to jacuzzi and s team room s ex. Fucking awes ome. Hones tly this was ins pirational for me and is gonna help me get back on the hors e here in Tokyo. HAPPY GUYS ARE ATTRACTIVE That email was s ent by a pers on who has been running every s ort of pickup there is ... Day game, night game, entourage game, in multiple cities , for months on end. And his ultimate conclus ion is that he gets the bes t res ults when he s tops giving a fuck about getting laid and, rather, is internally happy. When you are genuinely comfortable with who you are and can enjoy the moment you're in, you will be projecting practically every s ingle as pect of an alpha male to the women in the room. You're awes ome, fun, pos itive, a value giver, non-reaction s eeking, s elf-validated and confident. HOW DO I FAKE HAPPINESS? Pro-tip: You don't. Throw the word "fake" out of your vocabulary. That belongs in pickup theory from 2002. The eas ies t way to feel genuinely happy (and thus project an aura of happiness and well-being) is to be IN STATE. HOW DO I GET IN STATE? This is going to be different for everyone, but here are a few tried and true methods that work for me: Leave whatever drama from work/life at the door. You can worry about that unimportant s hit tomorrow. Right now, there are ladies to meet! Find thos e s ongs that you cannot help but s mile when you lis ten to them and blas t them in your mp3 player on your way out the door. Keep cons cious notes of what triggers get you in s tate and try to re-trigger them on future nights . This only comes with experience and you HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE ON A REGULAR BASIS to identify them. For example, if you know a s hot of your favorite whis key makes you feel warm and fuzzy, then GO AHEAD AND ORDER IT, BROTHER! You des erve it! Open s ome warmup s ets ! This is the clas s ic method that pretty much ALWAYS WORKS. The magic number is three. Get a good wingman who will help fire you up (and vice-vers a). Send a text to a friend telling them "On the way to the bar and gonna kick s ome as s tonight! Fuck yeah!" It puts yours elf on the s pot to actually go through with it.

You know yours elf better than anyone. Figure out what works for you! HOW DO I STAY IN STATE? There will be a point in the night when you feel yours elf falling out of s tate. Here is my advice to you... Stop whatever you're doing. Take a deep breath. Look around the room and identify at leas t ONE thing that is FUCKING AWESOME. You'll be hardpres s ed to find a s ituation lacking at leas t ONE awes ome thing. Focus on its awes omenes s and realize how awes ome your life is . We're all s poiled, lucky bas tards . Every moment that you're not happy you are s quandering a chance to be awes ome. Als o, think about what you want at that exact moment? Would another beer or es pres s o relax you a bit and get you back on the right path? Then fuckin' A man, get it! You've earned it! Las tly, don't be afraid to phys ically move around, get loos e, jump around a bit, s cream, etc... Anything to get the blood flowing! HOW DOES ONE ACHIEVE TRUE HAPPINESS? This is the mos t advanced vers ion of all of this . The key to true happines s is to s urround yours elf with the things that keep you in s tate and happy. This means good food, good drinks , good friends , good entertainment, good convers ation, good mus ic, good s cenery, good women, good family, and anything els e you can think of that brings a s mile to your face. It's not rocket s cience, but it does require s ome effort on your part. Project happines s and well-being by BEING pos itive, happy, and in s tate. You have it in you, guys . Go and s how your bes t s elves to the world.

What 'Giving Value' Means and its Importance
ON GIVING VALUE: Why you're not being invited out to do cool things by TofuTofu Hey guys . I'm going to des cribe two different people... Think carefully if either of thes e guys ' des criptions res onate with you. FRIDAY NIGHT Guy #1 texts a bunch of people as king where the party is . He gets no res pons es . He calls s omeone at 10PM. It's loud and they're at a bar. He wonders why he never got a text back about the bar in the firs t place. FRIDAY NIGHT Guy #2 has texts from 3 guys and 1 girl all inviting him out to different parties and bars . He heads to a bar with a co-worker for happy hour drinks . He rus hes home to get s howered and changed before having his pick of which parties to hit up. He gets a few texts from guys as king where the party's at. He decides not to res pond becaus e he's going out with a few guys already and does n't want the boy:girl ratio to get thrown off. He gets a call at 10PM from one of thos e guys and feels bad he didn't text him back. Why is Guy #2 getting invites while Guy #1 gets ignored? It comes down to one s imple concept: GIVING VALUE. Guy #2 is outgoing. He's fun. He focus es on having a good time. He is not concerned about approach anxiety becaus e he's out to have fun firs t and get laid s econd. Girls open him when they s ee him having s uch a good time. Guy #2 often invites other value givers to do things with him. Guy #1 s hows up alone or with other guy friends . He has high approach anxiety and it s hows on his face. He is vis ibly uncomfortable and nurs es his drink all night. He does n't go out of way to s peak to others . He goes home alone. Guy #1 often texts other guys (who he knows go out a lot and meets women) as king where the party's at. He often gets ignored. If you relate to Guy #2, congratulations , you are a value giver. You'll have an eas ier time building and keeping a s ocial circle. If you relate to Guy #1, you are a value taker. You need to think about what you can contribute to others ' lives , s o that they'll be more likely to invite you out. "Giving value" can be as s imple as : telling funny jokes coming up with fun things to do being very good-looking or dres s ed very well buying or bringing drinks /drugs /etc. bringing women

being an awes ome wingman pus hing people out of their comfort zones the ability to get over one's approach anxiety being a fun, outgoing pers on Try to be Guy #2. Become a value giver and watch your s ocial life improve dramatically.

Other Inner Game Posts
Inner Game traits of alpha males
The Inner Game of Being Alpha by Mays onNSS It was 12:30am and the club was packed. I walked over to a group of girls and s miled with a s mooth grin, Me: “Hey… You girls are obviously beautiful but can you dance?” I didn’t move and s tood there with a s mile on my face. They looked puzzled and every fiber of my being told me to run becaus e I was about to be embarras s ed. Seconds felt like hours and finally a s light s mile crept from one of the girls . Me: “Obviously not, that’s cool I will show you.” I took the hands of one of the girls and s pun her around playfully. My fear turned into action and as nervous as we both were my frame was of dominance. I knew that being alpha was important but now I could s ee jus t how important it was . I s topped dancing and her friend s poke up, Friend: “You’re not a good dancer” Me: “You’re a boring person” ((SLAP)) Let’s jus t s ay it didn’t go over s o well. I learned a valuable les s on that night. Being an alpha man does n’t mean that you degrade the people around you. For a while I thought that being alpha was defined as everyone els e being lower than you but I was wrong. Being an alpha man means that you pos s es s certain traits . *Alpha Trait #1: Take Nothing Personally. * One of the mos t prominent traits of an alpha man is that he does n’t take things pers onally. Far too often guys will take things pers onally and make the words or actions of other people about them. An alpha man does n’t care if other people are talking about him becaus e he is s ecure in who he is . He is not afraid of rejection becaus e he knows that other people have their own realities . Alpha Trait #2: He Lives In His Own World. The frame that an alpha man pres ents is one that is s olid and uns haken by the actions around him. He has clear goals in mind and is n’t deterred by the actions of others . In his world he is the man and he is going to purs ue what he wants . The frame that he us es is a powerful one that dis plays confidence and s elf as s urance. Alpha Trait #3: He is Confident NOT Arrogant. Confidence is often confus ed with arrogance but the two are vas tly different. A true alpha man is confident in who he is and does not need to brag or boas t. When you are the man you don’t need to s eek approval from other people. Approval s eeking behavior is what low s elf worth people do in order to feel better about who they are. An alpha man has true confidence and it s hows from his actions . You can s ee from other people’s behavior if they are truly an alpha by the way they treat others . An alpha man is dominant in his minds et but open to others around him. He is unaffected by other’s ins ults but empathic to their plight. Alpha Trait #4: He is a Giver…. Not a Taker An alpha man is one who gives value rather than takes it. He has nothing to prove to anyone els e and therefore has no need

to boas t or brag. He s eeks to leave people better than he found them becaus e that is one of the chief marks of confidence. If s omeone comes and tries to intimidate him he does not match ins ult for ins ult but defus es the s ituation by being above it. Alpha Trait #5: He is Dominate… Not Controlling. A true alpha man knows what he wants and he goes after it without the approval of other people. He does n’t wait for it to be “okay” to touch the girl, he touches often and it is natural to him. He controls the convers ation but allows input, direction and other topics to be addres s ed. The alpha man is the leader of s ituations and s tays cool under pres s ure. He does n’t get flus tered under pres s ure but remains calm and collected. How to be an Alpha Man. Being an alpha man is s omething you do when you s tart out and s omething you become when you embrace it. Make no mis take, being an alpha man does n’t mean you are the s tronges t, s martes t or cooles t pers on in the room, it means you are the mos t s elf as s ured man in the room. Do not mis take alpha with as s hole, they are worlds apart. An alpha man will often s peak his mind but he does it out of empathy not malice. He will as k for what he wants and not hold back out of fear. Being an alpha man is about integrity and hones ty in the face of certain dis approval. You cannot s econd gues s your action and you mus t not be quick to anger for an alpha man is in control of his emotions and dis plays them when the time is right. The 4 Foundations to Getting Succes s with Women by Mays onNSS 4 years ago I had no hope, my girlfriend left me, I had no job and hated my life. I thought that I was des tined to be alone forever. How would anyone ever love me if I didn’t love mys elf? I didn’t unders tand how women worked but I knew that I wanted to be married and have kids . Video games made s ens e to me. I could s it on my as s , play them for hours and eventually make progres s and win. Women on the other hand made no s ens e becaus e not only did they find me gros s , if they did like me I would get s o attached to them that they would run. Succes s with women was s omething movie s tars , good looking guys and “gifted” people had, not me. Fas t forward to today and countles s hours of looking s tupid in the middle of my friends , peers and well, everyone and my life looks different. So different in fact that there is hardly a day that goes by that I don’t feel a great deal of humility and gratitude for what I have accomplis hed. I took the hard road in many ways when I learned how to be s ucces s ful with women and s o the premis e of this pos t is for you to learn from my mis takes and s ave yours elf a lot of unwanted frus tration. Foundation #1: Honesty It s trikes me as odd that this would need to be a foundation that I lis t as important but far too often people lie in order to get what they want. Being hones t with yours elf and with other people is the mos t important foundation to s ucces s . If you lie to a woman and s he finds out then your trus t will always be in ques tion. To really unders tand why hones ty is s o important we mus t unders tand why people lie. People lie to protect the truth becaus e of fear, s hame and ins ecurity. Notice that the attributes I lis ted, fear, s hame and ins ecurity are all attributes that are s ynonymous with low s elf es teem. Hones tly is s o important becaus e it s hows that you are confident in the face of fear. We have all done things that we are not proud of but it takes character of exceptional quality to admit your wrong doings . Hones ty is the background of any relations hip and if you don’t have the ability to clearly communicate what you want then you will never get what you want becaus e no one can read your mind. You mus t be hones t and upfront with what you want in a partner, relations hip and every other as pect of your life. If you approach a girl and begin lying to her in order for her to like you then you are communicating that you are not good enough on your own. You are als o communicating that s he s houldn’t trus t you becaus e you are trying to be s omeone you aren’t. Hones tly is the currency we exchange for trus t and once that currency is no longer valuable we los e the ability to be trus tworthy. Foundation #2: Nothing is About You To be s ucces s ful in your dating life you MUST learn to not take things pers onally. Every pers on on this planet lives in their own reality with their own morality and their judgments define them, not you. When we take things pers onally it becomes the maximum expres s ion of s elfis hnes s becaus e we think everything is about us . Rejection is a s tate of mind and if you unders tand that the actions and words of other people define who they are and not who you are, you will free yours elf from unwanted s uffering. This foundation is one that you mus t keep in your mind, write it on your walls … Don’t take things pers onally. Once you embrace this concept and it becomes part of your life you will be able to approach people without fear of rejection becaus e you know that it’s not about you!

Foundation #3: Don’t Assume Anything When you as s ume you know the ans wer to s omething without finding the truth you project your own ins ecurities , thoughts and feelings on to s omeone or s omething els e. By making as s umptions you place a wall of fog between you and the truth. This is why it is s o important not to make as s umptions . You may be as king yours elf how does this have to do with my dating life? Imagine you s ee a beautiful girl in the book s tore. You want to talk to her but you think to yours elf, “She is way out of my league.” You are making an as s umption bas ed on your own ins ecurities that will caus e you to not even approach her. When you make as s umptions you believe the lies that you tell yours elf ins tead of s eeking the truth. Save yours elf the frus tration and go talk to her, wors t cas e s cenario is that you are right but what if you are wrong and s he loves you. When you make as s umptions you limit yours elf in harmful ways . Foundation #4: Just Do It One of the deadlies t enemies to s ucces s in your dating life is that guys won’t jus t try s omething new. They are too bus y making as s umptions and taking things pers onally to jus t do it. If you want to be s ucces s ful with women you are going to have to talk to them and quiet the chatter that tells you that you are going to fail. Get out there and approach people and s top trying to find the bes t tactic or routines for girls to like you. At the end of the day if you are not meeting people you are not going to change your s ucces s . As guys we tend to regret NOT doing s omething more then we regret doing s omething. Don’t open yours elf up to needles s regrets and go talk to her. If you follow thes e 4 foundations then I promis e you your dating life will change in a major way. You will find that not only do your res ults improve but your life will begin to improve in s uch dras tic ways . Print this article out and hang it on your wall, follow thes e foundations and watch the progres s that happens with a s imple s hifting of your mind.

How-to guide on improving your Inner Game
Ten Steps to s trong inner game. (by me) by KillYourTelevis ion The following ten les s ons /tips are all ones I've learned mys elf during my years of learning s eduction. I've gone from pining for a year for an ex girlfriend to having exponentially more confidence and inner s trength. 1) Catch yours elf every time you make a negative comment or judgement about s omeone els e. Either s hut the fuck up about it or rephras e yours elf. People are more dis trus tful of gos s ips and being negative about others reinforces a pes s imis tic negative attitude ins ide yours elf. Try and find pos itive things about other people and it becomes a pattern in your life. If you're thinking about more pos itive things it makes you into a happier more pos itive pers on. Girls want a guy who's fun and happy in hims elf; they don't want a negative dude who's always bitching or complaining about others . 2) Take your time to realize that things are not as bad as you think they are. I often s ee dudes on the train s tres s ing out or cus s ing becaus e the train is late, or s omeone's walking s lowly in front of them. Jus t relax. There's no reas on to get s tres s ed over s hit that you can't do anything about. Remember this quote: "Control the things you can control, let everything els e take a flying fuck". Say it out loud. SAY IT OUT LOUD NOW. 3) Actually fucking lis ten to s tuff other people s ay and try to unders tand why they're s aying it. If you want to build s trong relations hips with your lovers and friends and become a real people pers on, you need to really lis ten to what they s ay. When s omeone hangs out with you, they are giving s ome of their mos t precious commodity to you, TIME. If s omeone choos es to be with you, then you better fucking value their choice and lis ten to what they have to s ay. People s ay things for a reas on, and it's your duty to lis ten to them and try to relate it back to them. If you do this you'll find you really s tart to unders tand other people and your convers ations will be deeper and more meaningful. 4) Stop arguing. Put s imply, no one likes an arguer, don't be one of thos e people who keeps arguing and arguing and never gives up a point, much to the annoyance of everyone els e. I us ed to do this becaus e I had an argumentative dad and it turned me into a s tubborn mother-fucker. I had a revelation when I was 22 and arguing with my girlfriend over doing the fucking dis hes . "Wow, this is completely ridiculous , what a was te of time". If you "win" an argument, you've won nothing; it's a contradiction. Generally what happened is you annoyed s omeone els e and won no friends . Learn to realize when a debate will never end and jus t LET IT GO. I think actually being able to s ay: "actually this is fucking s tupid, let's s top arguing" is a big

DHV. 5) Take a few moments each day to remember good s hit from your pas t. Think about the people from your pas t that you have res pect for. Now remember any good things that they s aid about you or compliments that they gave you. This may be an ex-girlfriend, a friend whatever, even a hot girl from a club. Think back to whatever they s aid about you and imagine them s tanding in front of you giving you that compliment. Then imagine being that pers on and looking back at yours elf as they compliment you. Try to s ee yours elf from their eyes . Unders tand that they really meant what they s aid and that you can take mas s ive pos itivity from whatever they s aid. 6) "Everything I do, I rus h through s o I can do s omething els e". This is a quote from a favorite poem of mine, it illus trates the way mos t people live their lives . The days become a s tres s ful blur, nothing ever s eems to get finis hed, and you dwell on the future and cannot enjoy the pres ent fully. Take a moment to take a s tep back and fucking breathe. Don't dwell too much on the future, it will come when it comes but don't let it s tres s you right now. (Side note: learn to meditate and s tart doing yoga. Thes e will both help with this s tep) 7) Finis h what you s tart. Get into the habit of finis hing each tas k you s tart, get into the habit of doing this and it becomes a real s ource of happines s and confidence in your life. Start by ens uring you finis h all your s mall tas ks , s uch as reading an article or hitting on 5 girls (or whatever target) in a night. Don't s et your goals too wildly 8) Learn s hit. Finis h that book on ps ychology or philos ophy; the act of learning new things and keeping the brain working s eems to have a s lowing effect on time. Als o, when you're learning new things it makes you a more interes ting pers on to other people. I often go into deep convers ations about Ps ychology with women and they love it! I learned all that s tuff jus t from all the Ps ych books I read from learning about s eduction, female ps ychology etc. I als o s tudy poetry and literature in my s pare time, gues s what? Girls love this s tuff too. Seduction/PUA is n't jus t about games and tricks and routines , it's als o about making yours elf into a genuinely interes ting and well-rounded individual. Being s mart and knowledgable about the world is s exy and powerful. 9) Make peace with your pas t. Come to realize that you cannot change the pas t. Whatever bad s tuff happened to you, however much you got hurt by that girl or thos e bullies or your as s hole dad. Let it go. No good comes from revis iting it again and again. In fact, the more you think about it, the more you dwell on it. Look back at point 2. This comes under the category of "things you can't control". If you can't do s omething about it, and you certainly cannot change your pas t, then there's no fucking us e in worrying about it or dwelling on it. I've found that s o many people dwell on bad moments in their pas t even when they know that thes e memories make them s ad. It becomes a habit and eventually becomes s uch a part of your character that you're almos t afraid to let it go. It's like a s afety blanket. It's exactly the s ame reas on why s ome people who have been overweight for many years find it s o hard to los e the weight; it has become part of their identity and los ing the weight is almos t like killing part of their pers onality. The thing about this point is that it's s upris ingly eas y; your mind is under your control. You decide what you think about. If you s pend your time thinking about how awes ome your ex was and how s ad you are; s top fucking thinking about it. Imagine yours elf s urrounded by s moking hot 9s and being the life of the party. 10) Keep in touch. Stay in touch with your friends . When things aren't going s o well, good friends will be there for you. No matter how bullet-proof you think you are, friends are always an as s et. So s hout out to them often, even if it's jus t a text mes s age or s hort email. Having lots of friends is a mas s ive confidence boos ter and als o a good friends hip network is a goldmine for meeting new girls . Als o the advantage of meeting girls this way is you don't even need an opener and there's zero approach anxiety. Step 2: Inner Game - Part 2 >>>

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Vertibral System

...Vestibular System The vestibular system is very integral part of balance, being able to see while moving, and determining direction and speed of movement (Cullen 2008). The vestibular system is located in both inner ears and consists of utricle, saccule, and three semicircular canals. . The vestibule is the fluid-filled, membranous channel that contains the utricle saccule and semicircular canals that are responsible for balance. The vestibule is encased in the temporal bone of the skull. Utricle The utricle and saccule detect gravity and linear movement. The utricles contain mechanoreceptors. The mechanoreceptors transduce air pressure waves into nerve signals to the brain. If the air pressure is changed the utricle sends impulses to the brain noting the change in air pressure (Cullen 2008). Saccule The saccule detects head movements and sends neural impulses to the brain. The saccule is specialized in linear movements. When the saccule is disturbed then it releases neurons to the brain. These neurons travel down the eighth cranial nerve to the vestibular nuclei encased in the brain stem (Cullen 2008). Semicircular Canals There are three semicircular canals: horizontal semicircular canal, the superior semicircular canal, and the posterior semicircular canal. These canals are creating sensory input for rotary movements. These tubes are lined with cilia and filled with fluid called endolymph. Movements in the cilia are transmitted to the brain. This is how the......

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