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Integration of Technology

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Data analysis has provided businesses with new opportunities. It provides companies with information on what their customers want and enables businesses to respond to changing market trends in a timely manner. Decision-making is crucial in every business today. It has become important to adapt to, a data-driven decision-making process. Companies are taking advantage of the new technologies in data analysis to benefit from good decisions and identify new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.
It is open source software designed to provide massive storage and large data processing power. Hadoop has the ability to handle tasks running at the same time. Hadoop has a storage and processing part. It works by dividing files into large blocks and distributing them amongst the nodes (Kozielski & Wrembel, 2014). In processing, it works with MapReduce to ensure that codes are transferred and nodes are processed in parallel. By using nodes, Hadoop allows data manipulation making it is process faster and more efficiently. It has four main components: The Hadoop Common which contains utilities required, the Hadoop Distributed File System which is the storage part, Hadoop Yarn which manages and computes resources and Hadoop MapReduce which is a program responsible for processing large-scale data. It can process large amounts of data quickly by using multiple computers (Kozielski & Wrembel, 2014). Hadoop is being turned into a data processing operating system by large organizations. This is because it allows numerous data manipulations and analytical processes. Other data analysis programs such as SQL run on Hadoop and perform well on this system. The ability of Hadoop running many programs lowers cost of data analysis and allows businesses to analyze different amounts of data on products and consumers. Hadoop not only provides an organization with more data to work...

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