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Is Lancelot A Good Or Bad Knight

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With the definition of ethical being in accordance with the standards for right conduct or practice, there is a difference between the “good” and “bad” knight. The difference is all about standards that are expected from the king. Ultimately the king gets to decide the ethics of a knight as he is the most powerful. A good Arthurian knight is well behaved, he possesses the characteristics of chivalry and go on quests where they are tested in order to prove themselves. A “bad” knight either lacks those qualities, fails the quest or goes against their leader. Romance is a big part of knighthood. The knights work hard to prove themselves in order to earn and court a woman’s love.
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Lancelot could be a good knight or bad knight depending on when and which ethical point you look at, either the king’s point of view or Lancelot’s. The story of Lancelot is that he is the best knight of all knights at the Round Table. He is the best fighter, well skilled, and the bravest fighter in battle. He is the king’s right hand man, the one the king goes to to defeat the knights that others seem incapable of matching. With the earned respect of all of his fellow knights and above all the king, Lancelot is the epitome of a good knight. He becomes the man that every knight hopes to become. With the title of the good knight, the best knight, Lancelot earns the women’s love. However, with the title of the best knight, Lancelot also earns the queen, as the queen should love the best knight. The issues here are obvious, the queen is married and having an affair with Lancelot. The king was aware of the relations and was willing to let it happen until the betrayal was brought to his attention by his other knight who caught the queen and Lancelot in bed. In Lancelot’s eyes he had not done anything wrong had he had earned the love of Guenever as he had the title of the best knight, however in the kings eyes Lancelot had violated the chivalric code. Lancelot had violated parts of the code as he violated, honesty, loyalty, and honorable behavior by having the affair with the king’s wife. Unwilling to believe the betrayal had been publicized he agreed to a plan one of his knights devised to catch Lancelot and Guenever in the act. Lancelot, fearing the repercussions of being found killed thirteen knight in order to protect himself and Guenever. At this point the king realized that he and his most favored knight were on opposite sides and Lancelot had now been labeled as a bad knight. They then go into a war with each other over Guenever and fight to retain their reputation as

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