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Is Lying Bad For Us Analysis

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Richard Gunderman is the author of “Is Lying Bad for Us?”. In his article he explained why lying can be bad for us. Stephanie Ericsson is the author of “The Ways We Tell Lies.” Ericsson explains the different ways we lie and why we lie. The importance of this essay is to show that Ericsson has a strong article. By comparing tone, purpose, and evidence in the two essays, the reader can determine that Ericsson’s essay is stronger. Gunderman’s tone is formal. Formal tone can be difficult to understand his point of view. In his writing he uses case studies and quotes from scholars, which can be difficult for the reader to understand and relate. Gunderman writes: “Perhaps the most powerful more argument for honesty has to do with what the French …show more content…
She creates a sense of understanding for the reader. In the beginning, she gives personal situations where she lies. Ericsson writes: “I once tried going a whole week without telling a lie and it was paralyzing”(472). She explains how she tried to stay away from lying and her experience in being honest all the time. Because Ericsson’s tone was relaxed, it was easier to relate. Ericsson’s tone is more effective, because she is casual and relatable. She gives examples in her own life when she lied, while Gunderman just gives us facts. By giving us the personal experience, she can be easier to relate to and have more effect on the reader. Tone creates the feeling in the reader, by using evidence given by the author. Gunderman’s evidence uses facts and studies. The facts and statistics are reliable, but also questionable. For example, he gives the fact that on average Americans lie 11 times per week (1). He uses this statistic to provide credibility, but only lying on average 11 times a week, seems highly unlikely. An example of a study he used, was the research done at the University of Notre Dame. Gunderman writes: “One recent study laid groundwork of a case for honesty by suggesting liars are less healthy”(4). He uses the case study to constructe his view, but it’s a questionable case, due the way it was conducted. Because Gunderman’s evidence is based on questionable facts and studies, it creates doubt within the

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