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KNOW: The two first lectures of the course show an empirical and theoretical view of the major principles of the organizational design as well as the alternative design forms. The stakeholders, both insiders and outsiders, and their behavior or relations of cooperation and competition suppose an analysis need that provides them of a huge importance. I also realize about the importance of the agency theory and the problems and remedies caused, improving the importance of efficient corporate governance. This need of a good organization is solved by the systems theory, ”Organizations are systems of interdependent activities linking shifting coalitions of participants; the systems are embedded in – dependent on continuing exchange with and constituted by – the environments in which they operate”. (Scott, 1998:28). The systems which formed the organization have a common target and are classified in three levels based on their relevance. Both, stakeholders and systems, needs an analysis in order to get success in our procedures and adapt the venture structure to the different organizational designs provided in the lectures. After understanding these concepts, the lectures focused on the relation between the main management factors (Vision and mission) and the drivers analyzed, providing goals and strategies to the organization. As important as the creative process is the analysis to know the organizational boundaries, which let the organization look for available goals based on the efficiency and effectiveness of their results. Finally the theory shows me the factors that convert an organization into a unpredictable structure which need an adaptive model like the Activity-community one. In this final part of the lectures I recognize the importance of understand each single aspect of the activities like their clearness, explicitness, complexity or time (in

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