Leadership Styles

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Leadership Styles and Their Effects in Healthcare Organizations

Examine and discuss how participative leadership functions in today’s modern health care
organization and compare it to other types of leadership styles. Evaluate how each type of
leadership style may impact organizational culture, employee performance, and how it may help
or hinder the legitimacy of authority.

There are various leadership styles and they all have different impacts on the employees’
performance, organizations culture and the legitimacy of leadership of authority. Leadership
styles include;

- Participative or democratic leadership
- Multicratic leadership
- Transactional leadership
- Transformational leadership

Participative or democratic leadership

The participative type of leadership is where the subordinate staff is involved in the decision
making process. The subordinate staff can be involved directly by giving their opinion during
a meeting, through delegation of duties or through voting. According to Borkowski (2009),
through the participative method the employees feel valued since they are part of the decision
making process and do not have to merely follow orders.

Multicratic leadership

This leadership style combines the various leadership styles as the situation at hand requires. A
leader can give directives at times while he can incorporate the subordinates if need be based on
the situation at hand (Ellis &Hartley, 2004, p. 496).

Transactional leadership

Transactional leaders motivate their employees to achieve set goals and define the duties and
responsibilities of the employees as discussed by Ledlow & Coppola (p.74).

In the transactional form of leadership the subordinate staff in the hospital will not get maximum
satisfaction from their job since they are supposed to maximize their…...