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Evaluation of activities supported by UNICEF in Ba Phnom and Mesang Districts of Prey Veng Province,
Cambodia under the

Combating Child Trafficking and Exploitation through Education by Richard Geeves

World Education
28 September 2007




Links to documentary video






A note on the OPTIONS evaluation report and documentary video

Executive Summary


1. General background, evaluation method and coverage


2. Identification of vulnerable children


3. Improved formal education opportunities


Scholarships, Life skills, Student Support Network, Improved quality of teaching and learning, improved professional support to teachers

4. Improved non-formal education opportunities


School re-entry, My Better Future, NFE programs for out-of-school youth

5. Tracking and follow up of vulnerable children


Formal education, Non-formal education, Referral children

6. Impact on children and their families


Impact on children, Impact on families

7. Impact on communities, society and local institutions


Community attitudes to girls and education, child protection,
Commune Councils, CEFAC/CWCCs

8. Capacity building, Cost effectiveness, Advocacy,
Accountability/feedback, Sustainability


9. Findings and recommendations


Interviews and observations conducted




Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3
Attachment 4
Attachment 5
Attachment 6

Terms of Reference for the Evaluation
OPTIONS Prey Veng Working Groups (DME Framework)
Implementation through partnership with community and government structures
Consultations, reflections, accountability and feedback
MBF Evaluation - extracts
Evaluation team members



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