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Mr. Fred Smith
FedEx Corporation
3875 Airways, Module H3
Memphis, TN, 38116

Dear Mr. Fred Smith,

Your company, FedEx, approached our company, The (company name) on October 12, 2009, with the desire of becoming more eco-friendly. The vast majority of your vehicles are not alternative fuel based; however our company would like to help enhance your fuel usage by developing a fuel that is healthier for the environment.

The (company name) is pleased to submit this report to provide more environmentally friendly fuel for the trucks and planes for FedEx Corporation. Our company has been providing guidance to companies in the Los Angeles area in the subject of greener fuels since the year 2000. Many of the companies we have worked with have seen great success and are implementing the strategies we put in place for them. We feel very confident that with our plan your company will become more eco-friendly and will also save money on fuel.

The (company name) has tested multiple fuels and have concluded that Solazyme algae fuel is the cheapest, most environmentally friendly, and best choice for FedEx. Both, compressed natural gas and hydrogen powered engines, were more expensive and produced more harm to the atmosphere than Solazyme fuels.

Overall by FedEx choosing to go with this plan, it has a chance to be an innovator of the delivery industry and no other company has tried to implement this kind of fuel into their business. This presents some benefits to the company such as cleaner vehicles and a better image but, also some drawbacks of cost and risking reputation. So as for concerns, Solazyme fuels should be produced and used in incremental amounts. FedEx should start from a smaller scale and grow to a larger scale as it becomes more and more successful. This way FedEx minimizes risk and cost, while still being an innovator and finding a new and better source of fuel for all of its vehicles. Finally, when you become the visionary of any product you set the gold standard for the industry. Even if the product fails it still shows that you tried to become a more eco-friendly company before anyone else on such a massive scale. This report contains details of how and why FedEx should implement this Solazyme fuel plan for


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