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Joseph McCartney
Professor Haddad
Strategy Paper: Flash Memory, Inc.
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Case paper outline 1) Asume positiong of manager a. Understand the Enviroment in which company operates i. International environment ii. Domestic environment 1. Expansion or contraction of economy affecting sales, profits, costs a. Growth? 2. Level of unemployment b. Potential for strikes c. Affects slaes of products 3. Cycilical up and down turns iii. Industry situation iv. Economic environment b. Company situation v. History 4. Asses success of past finaclial investmetns d. Review fianlcs e. Market share/ competitive product market info f. Stock and bond market reutls vi. Current condition vii. Future prospects

2) Solv problem facing Company c. Identify the problem- usualy one or both viii. Investigate assets to replace old products or processes 5. Increase sales or decrese costs ix. Secure funds to support growth of firm to replace products/processes 6. Increase liability- short or long term 7. Increase equity via common stock or retained earnings 8. Increase profits/decrease dividends 9. Establish relasionships with other companies d. Define alternatives x. Strategies available v. stats to explore e. Gather information about alternatives f. Analyze the risks and returns of the options xi. Utlize all information xii. Value dependent on return, time, and risk g. Make a decision h. Plan of action

What are the firms unique stengths and weaknesses

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...Grosenbach Eng. 101 Mr. Powell Assignment 8 2/19/13 Testomony My dad, who worked at wal-mart for 20 years says" I haven't seen so many people be so rude even when I was a kid!" We should really check ourself even for someone who worked at a grosery store for about 20 years and now rudness is out of control. My uncle, who pizza delivery for 10 years says " When I did this 10 years ago people would tip me from left to right and now I just get a door slammed in my face." This prove that people now that rudeness is way out of control and people 10 years ago would be nice enough to tip and now my uncle get a door slammed in his face and get rude comments. Sari Grosenbach Eng.101 Mr. Powell Assignment 6 2/19/13 She's Your Basic LOL In the essay She’s Your Basic L.O.L in N.A.D, author Kerri Klass’s main point is the languge she has to learn when becoming a doctor. According to Klass (passage 1) I didnt even know what C.P., S.O.B, N/V means chest pains, shortness of breath, or nausea and vomting. (pharagraph 2) Klass also writes (passage 2) Well we've already had one hit today and we're up next this means that our team (group of doctors ans medical students) has already gotten one new admission today (pharagraph 6). Finally she states (passage 3) When the intern hangs up the phone and annouces...

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...权 版 老 毅 王 归 Describe a special trip you would like to go on in the future. You should say: Where you would like go Who you would like to go with What you would do there and explain why this would be a special trip.               者 违 , 播 传 或 制 复 得 不 可 许 经 未 , 有 所 帮 人 达 思 雅 和 师   Well…a special trip I would like to go on in the future…let me see…I guess I want to go  back to the United States. Look, I went to college in the States 5 years ago. And I studied  in  the  University  of  Minnesota.  It’s  a  great  experience.  Now  I’ve  graduated  for  two  years.  But  I  still  miss  it  very  much.  And  I  always  see  myself  going  back  there  in  my  dreams. So…I guess, if it’s possible I’d like to go back to visit the place where I spent  the best part of my youth.    Now if you ask me who I would like to go with…well, I can’t make up my mind. Right  now I can think of many people I’d like to go there with: my parents, my wife, some of   my classmates who also came back to China after graduation. Anyway…maybe I’ll just  go there with my wife first, and then my parents, and then my school buddies.    And speaking of what I would do there, like I said, I plan to revisit the university, and  then probably, I’ll spend some time visiting friends, and then I guess I’ll take my wife  and travel through America from coast to coast, from ocean to ocean, from border to  border. You know what, when I was studying in college, I never really had time traveling, ...

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