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Marketing decisions made by Boomers are made under conditions of uncertainty and risk, as Boomers doesn’t know how a newly designed product is going to stand in market, is it desirable and useful, or pointless. The desirability of a product will determine how well it sells, if it doesn’t sell as well as Boomers had hoped or intended, it would be either withdrawn and dropped from production or re-designed is some way, but as Boomer s designs and produces their products to mean their customers exact requirements, they do not have this problem as it will always sell to the customer who desired that exact product.
When Boomer makes the decision of what price they wish to charge customers for a certain product, it could have a great impact on the amount of that product which sells. This is due to the economy in which the customer operates in e.g. Euro or Dollar, as exchange rate fluctuate and it may not be cost effective for their customers to purchase of Boomer at the increased rate, and could possible acquire the same products at a cheaper cost elsewhere. Or maybe the customer can acquire the product cheaper elsewhere inside the UK, but as Boomers does not have a set price for one product, but determines a price for the complete order of the customer, they set a price on the work taken to produce that order and on the reputation and relationship with that specific customer.
Boomers may have to set up a marketing campaign in order to fund research on products, pricing and advertising, which can be costly, Boomers would have to determine how much if anything they are going to invest in this campaign to aid their products and business. As Boomers does not research their market a lot they do not fund this area much, as they prefer to work to their customers demand and needs, designing products specifically for the intended customer.
With advertising

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