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Ad-o-holic is an annual marketing and advertising extravaganza orchestrated by MarkUp (the official marketing club of IMT Ghaziabad). It is an inter B-school marketing event and focuses on promotion strategies thereby challenging contestants to come up with innovative communication decisions. The purpose of this event is to provide a platform for budding advertisers to showcase their creativity and ingenuity. Ad-o-holic is the predecessor event to Marketing World Cup, the biggest b-school marketing event in
Ad-o-holic‘11 carries the practical case of TV show promotion. The participants will be formulating promotion strategies for three shows, each belonging to different genre. It thus gives the opportunity to participating students to advertise ‗Dance‘, ‗Dare‘ and ‗Ditch‘ism and win the 7 P.M. war of reality. Students can read the coverage of Ad-o-holic in Markezine‘s September edition. From The Desk Of the Editor

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Dear Readers,
Greetings from Club MarkUp, the Marketing Club of IMT Ghaziabad!!
After a short sabbatical for summer internships, we are back with the August Edition of Markezine.
This time around, the team has conceptualized some brand new sections like Mark -toons, Mark-efeeds: happenings and trends and WOW (Words on Wall).
The theme for this edition was ―Co-Marketing: Cost Collaboration or Smart Strategy ‖ and we have been overwhelmed with the response both in quality and quantity. Co -marketing or cooperative marketing is an emerging trend and has been catching up in the recent years as a smart strategy to build up Point-Of-Differentiation as well as expanding consumer base. However, to segregate it as cost collaboration strategy or a smart strategy is a tough nut to crack because the current trends affirm to both the sides of the coin. For example in the case of Senseo coffeemaker, the Philips...

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