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Math 117 Entire Class


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MATH 117 Entire Class

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Week 1 week 1 (x y)3 = x y3.doc week 1 3 exponent rules.doc week 1 dividing by a binomial.doc week 1 dividing by a monomial.doc week 1 evaluate a polynomial.doc week 1 the sign of the base.doc

Week 2 math 117 week2- determine the difference of two squares.doc

Week 3 week 3 factoring solve quadratic.doc week 3 find the GCF.doc week 3 How is doing operations.doc week 3 Least common denominators.doc week 3 not in factored form.doc week 3 number game.doc week 3 process of canceling like factors.doc week 3 understand exponent rules when multiplying rational.doc week 3 what are rational expressions.doc week 3 zero-factor property.doc

Week 4 week 4 cancel factors not terms.doc week 4 necessary to perform a check.doc week 4 undefined value for 1(x ¿C 4).doc

Week 5 week 5 first step to solve rational equation.doc week 5 describe two exponent laws.doc week 5 first condition for a simplified radical.doc week 5 index of a radical.doc week 5 true or false 28 ¿C 4í¦2.doc week 5 true or false for 2 radical statements.doc week 5 true or false for 2 statements.doc week 5 what are radical expressions.doc week 5 what must be true about the radicand and the index.doc week 5 why to check your answer.doc week 5 Why to simplify radical expressions.doc

Week 6
Week 6 Concept Check Pythagorean Theorem.doc

Week 7 week 7 how to complete the square.doc week 7 how to use the quadratic formula.doc week 7 number of solutions.doc week 7 principle of powers.doc week 7 principle of square roots.doc week 7 process to solve radical equations.doc week 7 pros and cons of each method.doc week 7 What does it mean to have an extraneous solution.doc week 7 which method would you use if not factorable.doc

Week 8 looking at a graph.doc

Week 9 week 9 extra support from MML or CME.doc week 9 Has the content in this course allowed.doc week 9 how to graph a parabola.doc week 9 most challenging topic.doc week 9 What is a mathematical model.doc week 9 What is the vertex of a parabola.doc

MATH 117 Course Syllabus.pdf
MATH 117 Appendix C.doc
MATH 117 Appendix D.doc
MATH 117 Appendix E.doc
MATH 117 Appendix F.doc

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