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Mental Disorders Research Paper

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Mental disorders control the lives of millions of humans across the world. Mental disorders impact the everyday functions of these people. According to Shannon L. Alder, “ The True Definition of mental illness is when the majority of your time is spent in the past or the future, but rarely living in the realism of now”. Most mental disorders affect the functions, to the point where it can be hard to do simple task. Some even face the everyday difficulty of getting out of bed. Knowing the whole day is before them, creates struggle to want to start the day. Many suffer from mental disorders that keep them from living in the present, but rather they live in the past reliving events, or in the future dreaming of events to come. Many disorders come

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...Case Study of Jim Margie Herndon PSYCH515 September 10, 2012 Dr. Napier-Ionascu Case Study of Jim Abnormal behavior and determining whether it qualifies a person with a mental disorder is complex and incorporates many differing perceptions. No concrete definition is assigned in terming behavior to be abnormal but there are six primary elements recognized. Mental disorders are assigned by professionals according to a classification system. The debate of whether this is the most sufficient system of assignment continues as some argue against the organizational structure based on the history and detail of an individual in classifying them under a label. A case example describing a personality, behaviors, and thought processes of an individual named Jim are analyzed to determine abnormal behavior and mental disorder qualifications. Determining Abnormal Behavior The case example of Jim is a summary of background information of a male named Jim to analyze how factoring the primary elements of abnormal behavior and the definition given by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (2000) fourth edition, to separate from, and then together, prove the complexity in determining the behavior of a person as abnormal and whether or not it would qualify them for a mental disorder. The Six Elements Butcher, Monika, & Hooley (2010) outline the primary elements of abnormal behavior as suffering, maladaptiveness, deviancy, violations of standards of society, social...

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...Introduction: The first Part of this paper will review the literature to define Classification. Briefly Discuss DSM IV and ICD 10 and list the main categories of clinical disorders. The paper will discuss the main dangers of classification identified as labelling and Stigma which have lifelong implications for those diagnosed with a mental illness. The main advantages of classification such as most appropriate treatment and community education Definition of the Classification system used to Diagnosis Mental illness. As Social workers it important to try and grasp the concepts of how classification of mental illness is arrived at and to have a basic knowledge of the types of mental disorders people can be classified as having so we can understand the basis of a diagnosis. According Mendelson (2001) “Classification refers to ordering of objects into groups on the basis of their relationship. The result is a classificatory system. Nomenclature related to agreed names that have been assigned to disease or syndromes. Taxonomy covers principles and methods underlying the practice of classification. Finally, nosology denotes the conceptual system that supports the strategy of classifying.” ( Mendelson 2001 p. 63) Golightley (2004) text states that classification is an important step towards the diagnosis of a mental disorder. Mental disorder is broken down into various classifications that represent groups or syndromes of symptoms. Thus if a series of symptoms fits into...

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...Somatic Symptom Disorder A Nature vs. Nurture Debate By Jennifer Nguyen July 3, 2015 The Disorder While many mental disorders are well-known and commonly referred to, such as bipolar disorder, depression, and anorexia, one mental disorder that has less limelight are somatoform disorders. WebMD defined somatoform disorders as “mental illnesses that cause bodily symptoms, including pain” where these symptoms cannot be “traced back to any physical cause” and they are “not the result of substance abuse of another mental illness” (WebMD). The Criteria & Associated Behaviors In DSM-IV, somatization disorder was the major somatoform disorder. There were many criteria for this disorder. However, in DSM-V, somatoform disorders were largely replaced by the term somatic symptom disorder, hereon referred to as SSD, which DSM-V characterizes by “somatic symptoms that are either very distressing or result in significant disruption of functioning, as well as excessive and disproportionate thoughts, feelings and behaviors regarding those symptoms. With this new change in DSM-V, somatization disorder (previously in DSM-IV) is now completely removed and replaced. The previous diagnosis of somatization disorder required very specific criteria. However, the new criteria for SSD is not as specific, but it does state that “somatic symptoms must be significantly distressing or disruptive to daily live and must be accompanied by excessive thoughts, feelings, or behaviors” (DSM). To see...

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